A.J. Tata
Anthony J. Tata
The Garrett family combats international terrorism in the Threat military thriller series:

Sudden Threat (2008, 2015)

Rogue Threat (2009, 2015)

Hidden Threat (2008, 2015)

Mortal Threat (2015)

Jake Mahegan, a Delta Force captain:

Foreign and Domestic (2015)
Finalist 2016 Barry Award for Best Thriller

Three Minutes to Midnight (2016)

Besieged (2017)

Direct Fire (2017)

Dark Winter (2018)

Double Crossfire (2019)

Vick “The Reaper” Harwood, an expert US sniper in Afghanistan, recovering from injuries, in North Carolina [written with Nicholas Irving]:

Reaper: Ghost Target (2018)

Reaper: Threat Zero (2019)

Reaper: Drone Strike (2020)

Garrett Sinclair, an Army Lieutenant General running a Joint Special Operations team known as Dagger:

Chasing the Lion (2021)

Total Empire (2023)

The Phalanx Code (2024)

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