Phoebe Atwood Taylor
Asey Mayo, former sailor and auto racer in Cape Cod, Massachusetts:

The Cape Cod Mystery (1931)

Death Lights a Candle (1932)

The Mystery of the Cape Cod Players (1933)

The Mystery of the Cape Cod Tavern (1934)

Sandbar Sinister (1934)

Deathblow Hill (1935)

The Tinkling Symbol (1935)

The Crimson Patch (1936)

Out of Order (1936)

Figure Away (1937)

Octagon House (1937)

The Annulet of Gilt (1938)

Banbury Bog (1938)

Spring Harrowing (1939)

Criminal C.O.D. (1940)

The Deadly Sunshade (1940)

The Perennial Boarder (1941)

Six Iron Spiders (1942)

Three Plots for Asey Mayo (1942)

Going, Going, Gone (1943)

Asey Mayo Trio (1943)

Proof of the Pudding (1945)

Punch with Care (1946)

Diplomatic Corpse (1951)

Written as Alice Tilton
Leonidas Witherall, a retired academic and secret pulp fiction author, in Boston, Massachusetts:

Beginning with a Bash (1937)

The Cut Direct (1938)

Cold Steal (1939)

The Left Leg (1940)

The Hollow Chest (1941)

File for Record (1943)

Dead Ernest (1944)

The Iron Clew (1947)
APA: The Iron Hand

Written as Freeman Dana

Murder at the New York World’s Fair (1938)


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