Aimée & David Thurlo
Aimée Thurlo [1951-2014] & David Thurlo
Ella Clah, a former FBI agent now with Navajo police in Shiprock, New Mexico:

Blackening Song (1995)

Death Walker (1996)

Bad Medicine (1997)

Enemy Way (1998)

Shooting Chant (1999)

Red Mesa (2001)

Changing Woman (2002)

Plant Them Deep (2003)

Tracking Bear (2003)

Wind Spirit (2004)

White Thunder (2005)

Mourning Dove (2006)

Turquoise Girl (2007)

Coyote’s Wife (2008)

Earthway (2009)

Never-Ending-Snake (2010)

Black Thunder (2011)

Ghost Medicine (2013)

Sister Agatha, a former investigative journalist, now one of the extern sisters, the convent's link to the outside world, at the Our Lady of Hope Monastery, in New Mexico:

Bad Faith (2002)

Thief in Retreat (2004)

Prey for a Miracle (2006)

False Witness (2007)

The Prodigal Nun (2008)

Bad Samaritan (2010)

Lee Nez, a nightwalker (vampire) police officer in New Mexico:

Second Sunrise (2002)

Blood Retribution (2002)

Pale Death (2005)

Surrogate Evil (2006)

Josephine Buck, a young Navajo, and other employees at a New Mexico trading post, in the Navajo Rez series:

A Time of Change (2013)

Looking Through Darkness (2015)

Charlie Henry, an Iraq war special-ops veteran, now owner of the Three Balls pawnshop, in Albuquerque, New Mexico:

The Pawnbroker (2014)

Grave Consequences (2015)

Rob Thy Neighbor1 (2016)

Kill the Heroes1 (2017)


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