S.D. Tooley
Sandra Tooley
Samantha (Sam) Casey, a Native American detective sergeant who can hear the dead speak, in Chasen Heights, Illinois:

When the Dead Speak (1999)

Nothing Else Matters (2000)

Restless Spirit (2002)

Echos from the Grave (2007)

What Lies Within (2010)

Destiny Kills (2012)

The Tunnel (2013)

Buried Secrets (2017)


The Skull (2006) [YA]

Mysteries To Die For (2011) [ebook SS]

Written as Lee Driver
Chase Dagger, a hard-nosed detective, and Sara Morningsky, a Native American girl with divine shape-shifting powers:

The Good Die Twice (1999)

Full Moon-Bloody Moon (2000)

The Unseen (2004)

Chasing Ghosts (2008)

Fatal Storm (2011)

The Vaporizer (2013)

Nightfall (2015)

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