Jack Vance
John Holbrook Vance
Joe Bain, a sheriff in fictional San Rodrigo County, California:

The Fox Valley Murders1 (1966)

The Pleasant Grove Murders1 (1967)

Kirth Gersen, a hunter of nonhuman killers in the United States, in the Demon Princes series:

The Star King2 (1964)

The Killing Machine2 (1964)

The Palace of Love1 (1967)

The Face3 (1979)

The Book of Dreams3 (1981)


To Live Forever (1956)

Isle of Peril (1957) [written as Alan Wade]
APA: Bird Isle (1988)

Take My Face (1957) [written as Peter Held]
[written as Jack Vance 1988]

The Man in the Cage1, 4 (1960)
1961 Edgar Award for Best First Novel

The Deadly Isles1, 4 (1969)

The Many Worlds of Magnus Ridolph (1966) [SS]

Bad Ronald1, 4 (1973)

The View from Chickweed’s Window (1978)

The House on Lily Street (1979)

Galactic Effectuator (1980) [SS]

The Complete Magnus Ridolph (1984) [SS]

The Dark Ocean (1985)

Strange Notions (1985)

Written as Ellery Queen

The Four Johns (1964)
APA: Four Men Called John (1976)

A Room To Die In (1965)

The Madman Theory (1966)

Selected science fiction with some mystery elements
The Cadwal Chronicles:

Araminta Station (1988)

Ecce and Old Earth (1991)

Throy (1992)

Selected science fiction with some mystery elements
Alastor trilogy:

Trullion: Alastor 22624 (1973)

Marune: Alastor 9934 (1975)

Wyst: Alastor 17164 (1978)

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