Elaine Viets
Francesca Vierling, a 6-ft. newspaper columnist in St. Louis, Missouri:

Backstab (1997)

Rubout (1998)

The Pink Flamingo Murders (1999)

Doc in a Box (2000)

Helen Hawthorne, who gave up her affluent lifestyle for a series of minimum-wage jobs in Florida, in the Dead End Job series:

Shop till You Drop (2003) [review]
Finalist 2003 Agatha Award for Best Novel
Finalist 2004 Lefty Award

Murder Between the Covers (2003)
Finalist 2004 Barry Award for Best Paperback

Dying To Call You (2004)

Just Murdered (2005)

Murder Unleashed (2006)
Finalist 2007 Lefty Award

Murder with Reservations (2007)
2008 Lefty Award
Finalist 2007 Agatha Award for Best Novel

Clubbed to Death (2008)

Killer Cuts (2009)

Half-Price Homicide (2010)

Pumped for Murder (2011)

Final Sail (2012)

Board Stiff (2013)

Catnapped! (2014)

Checked Out (2015)

The Art of Murder (2016)

Josie Marcus, undercover store spy in St. Louis, Missouri, in the Mystery Shopper series:

Dying in Style (2005)

High Heels Are Murder (2006)

Accessory to Murder (2007)

Murder with All the Trimmings (2008)

The Fashion Hound Murders (2009)

An Uplifting Murder (2010)

Death on a Platter (2011)

Murder Is a Piece of Cake (2012)

Fixing to Die (2013)
Finalist 2014 Barry Award for Best Paperback

A Dog Gone Murder (2014)

Angela Richman, a death investigator in Chouteau Forest, a wealthy suburb of St. Louis, Missouri:

Brain Storm (2016)

Fire and Ashes (2017)

Ice Blonde (2018)

A Star Is Dead (2019)

Death Grip (2021)

Late for His Own Funeral (2022)

The Dead of Night (2023)


Deal With the Devil (2018) [SS]


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