David J. Walker
Malachy P. Foley, a jazz piano-playing private investigator in Chicago, Illinois:

Fixed in His Folly (1995)
Finalist 1996 Edgar Award for Best First Novel

Half the Truth (1996)

Applaud the Hollow Ghost (1998)

No Show of Remorse (2002)

Kirsten, owner of the Wild Onion, Ltd, a private detective agency, and her husband Dugan, a lawyer, in Chicago, Illinois:

A Ticket To Die For (1998)

A Beer at a Bawdy House (2000)

The End of Emerald Woods (2000)

All the Dead Fathers (2005)

Too Many Clients (2010)

The Towman’s Daughters (2011)


Saving Paulo (2008)

Company Orders (2012)

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