Betty Webb
Lena Jones of Desert Investigations in Scottsdale, Arizona:

Desert Noir (2001)

Desert Wives (2003)

Desert Shadows (2004)

Desert Run (2006)

Desert Cut (2008)

Desert Lost (2009)

Desert Wind (2012)

Desert Rage (2014)

Desert Vengeance (2017)

Desert Redemption (2019)

Theodora “Teddy” Bentley, a zookeeper living on a houseboat on the central coast of California, in the Gunn Zoo mysteries:

The Anteater of Death (2008)

The Koala of Death (2010)

The Llama of Death (2013)

The Puffin of Death (2015)

The Otter of Death (2018)

The Panda of Death (2020)

Zoe Barlow, a young painter living in Paris after being banished by her Alabama family for her scandalous behavior, beginning in 1922:

Lost in Paris (2023)


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