F. Paul Wilson
Francis Paul Wilson
Repairman Jack, a free-lance investigator regularly working outside the law:

The Tomb (1984)

Legacies (1998)

Conspiracies (1999)

All the Rage (2000)

Hosts (2001)

The Haunted Air (2002)

Gateways (2003)

Crisscross (2004)

Infernal (2005)

The Last Rakosh1 (2005)

Harbingers (2006)

Bloodline (2007)

By the Sword (2008)

Ground Zero (2009)

Fatal Error (2010)

The Dark at the End (2011)

Cold City2 (2012)

Dark City2 (2013)

Fear City2 (2014)

The Last Christmas (2019)

Repairman Jack prequels for young adults:

Jack: Secret Histories (2008)

Jack: Secret Circles (2010)

Jack: Secret Vengeance (2011)

Rick Hayden and Laura Fanning, in a struggle to control two secret societies trying to control the ultimate medical miracle, in the ICE Sequence series:

Panacea (2016)

The God Gene (2018)

The Void Protocol (2019)

Stanka Daley, a con artist from Los Angeles, California, who melds with a slug-like creature with healing powers:

Double Threat (2021)


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