Valerie Wolzien
Josie Pigeon, owner of an all-woman construction firm in the Northeast USA:

Shore to Die (1996)

Permit for Murder (1997)

Deck the Halls with Murder (1998)

This Old Murder (2000)

Murder in the Forecast (2001)

A Fashionable Murder (2003)

Death at a Premium (2005)

Susan Henshaw, a suburban housewife sleuth in Connecticut:

Murder at the PTA Luncheon (1987)

The Fortieth Birthday Body (1989)

We Wish You a Merry Murder (1991)
Finalist 1992 Dilys Award

All Hallow’s Evil (1992)

An Old Faithful Murder (1992)

A Star-Spangled Murder (1993)

A Good Year for a Corpse (1994)

’Tis the Season To Be Murdered (1994)

Remodeled to Death (1995)

Elected for Death (1996)

Weddings Are Murder (1998)

The Student Body (1999)

Death at a Discount (2000)

An Anniversary to Die For (2002)

Death in a Beach Chair (2004)

Death in Duplicate (2005)

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