Cornell Woolrich
Cornell George Hopley-Woolrich

The Bride Wore Black (1940)
APA: Beware the Lady (1953)

The Black Curtain (1941)

Black Alibi (1942)

The Black Angel (1943)

The Black Path of Fear (1944)

Rendezvous in Black (1948)

Savage Bride (1950)

Nightmare (1956) [SS]

Violence (1958) [SS]

Hotel Room (1958) [SS]

Death Is My Dancing Partner (1959)

Beyond the Night (1959) [SS]

The Doom Stone (1960)

The Ten Faces of Cornell Woolrich (1965) [SS]

The Dark Side of Love (1965) [SS]

Nightwebs (1971) [SS]

Angels of Darkness (1979) [SS]

Rear Window and Other Stories1 (1984) [SS]

Darkness at Dawn: Early Suspense Classics (1985) [SS]

Into the Night (1987) [completed by Lawrence Block]

Night and Fear: A Centenary Collection of Stories (2005) [SS]

Tonight, Somewhere in New York: The Last Stories and an Unfinished Novel (2005) [SS]

Originally written as William Irish

Phantom Lady (1942)

I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes (1943) [SS]
APA: And So to Death (1944)
APA: Nightmare (1950)

Deadline at Dawn (1944)

After Dinner Story (1944) [SS]
APA: Six Times Death (1948)

If I Should Die Before I Wake (1945) [SS]

The Dancing Detective (1946) [SS]

Borrowed Crimes (1946) [SS]

Waltz into Darkness1 (1947)

Dead Man Blues (1948) [SS]

I Married a Dead Man1 (1948)

The Blue Ribbon (1949) [SS]

Somebody on the Phone (1950) [SS]
APA: Deadly Night Call (1951)
APA: The Night I Died (1951)

Six Nights of Mystery (1950) [SS]

You'll Never See Me Again (1951)

Strangler's Serenade (1951) [SS]

Eyes That Watch You (1952) [SS]

Bluebeard's Seventh Wife (1952)

The Best of William Irish (1960)

Originally written as George Hopley

Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1945)

Fright (1950)

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