Richard Wormser
Jocelyn “Joe” Dixon, a detective sergeant in New York City:

The Man with the Wax Face (1934)

The Communist’s Corpse (1935)

Andy Bastian, a police lieutenant in the US Southwest:

Drive East on 66 (1961)

A Nice Girl Like You (1963)


The Hanging Heiress (1949)
APA: The Widow Wore Red (1958)

The Body Looks Familiar (1958)

The Late Mrs. Five (1960)

Perfect Pigeon (1962)

Torn Curtain (1966)
[novelization of screenplay]

The Takeover (1971)

The Invader (1972)
1973 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

Written as Ed Friend:

The Infernal Light (1966)
[novelization of Green Hornet TV series]

The Corpse in the Castle (1970)
[novelization of The Most Deadly Game TV series]

Written as Nicholas Carter (house pseudonym):

Murder Unlimited (1945)

Death Has Green Eyes (1946)

Empire of Crime (1946)

Park Avenue Murder (1946)

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