Samuel Youd
Christopher Samuel Youd

Holly Ash (1955)
APA: The Opportunist (1957)

Patchwork of Death (1967)
[written as Peter Nichols]

Ten Per Cent of Your Life (1973)
[written as Stanley Winchester]

Written as John Christopher

The Caves of Night (1958)

A Scent of White Poppies (1959)

The Little People (1967)

Pendulum (1968)

Written as Hilary Ford

Felix Walking (1958)

Felix Running (1959) [sequel]

Bella on the Roof (1965)

Sarnia (1974)

Castle Malindine (1860)

A Bride for Bedivere (1800)

Written as Peter Graaf
Joe Dust, an American private investigator living in London, England:
Dust and the Curious Boy (1957)
APA: Give the Devil His Due (1957)

Daughter Fair (1958)

The Sapphire Conference (1959)

Written as Peter Graaf

The Gull’s Kiss (1962)


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