Sarah Zettel
Charlotte Caine, the chef running Nightlife, a restaurant serving the undead in New York City, in the Vampire Chef mysteries:

A Taste of the Nightlife (2011) [review]

Let Them Eat Stake (2012)

The Palace of Spies YA trilogy:

Palace of Spies (2013)

Dangerous Deceptions (2014)

The Assassin’s Masque (2016)


The Other Sister (2018)

A Mother’s Lie (2020)

Non-series science fiction:

Reclamation (1996)

Fool’s War (1997)

Playing God (1998)

The Quiet Invasion (2000)

Kingdom of Cages (2001)

Isavalta fantasy series:

A Sorcerer’s Treason (2002)

The Usurper’s Crown (2002)

The Firebird’s Vengeance (2003)

Sword of the Deceiver (2006)

Arthurian romantic fantasy series:

In Camelot’s Shadow (2004)
APA: Camelot’s Shadow (2004)

For Camelot’s Honor (2005)
APA: Camelot’s Honour (2005)

Under Camelot’s Banner (2006)
APA: Camelot’s Sword (2006)

Camelot’s Blood (2007)

Written as Delia James
Annabelle Britton, an artist, a gray cat named Alastair, and a coven, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in the Witch’s Cat mysteries:

A Familiar Tail (2016)

By Familiar Means (2016)

Familiar Motives (2017)

Written as Darcie Wilde
Rosalind Thorne, a minor heiress in 19th century London, England, in the Useful Woman mysteries:

A Useful Woman (2016)

A Purely Private Matter (2017)

And Dangerous to Know (2019)

A Lady Compromised (2020)

A Counterfeit Suitor (2021)

The Secret of the Lost Pearls (2022)

The Secret of the Lady’s Maid (2023)

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