K.K. Beck
Kathrine Kristine Beck (changed from Kathrine Marris)
Iris Cooper, a flapper, and Jack Clancy, a reporter, in Portland, Oregon:

Death in a Deck Chair (1984)

Murder in a Mummy Case (1986)

Peril Under the Palms (1989)

Jane da Silva, a lounge singer and private detective, in Seattle, Washington:

A Hopeless Case (1992)

Amateur Night (1993)

Electric City (1994)

Cold Smoked (1995)

The Workplace mysteries:

The Body in the Volvo (1987)

The Body in the Cornflakes (1992)

We Interrupt This Broadcast (1997)

Tipping the Valet: A Workplace Mystery (2015) [review]


Death of a Prom Queen1 (1984)

Young Mrs. Cavendish and the Kaiser's Men (1987)

Without a Trace (1988)

Unwanted Attentions (1988)

Bad Neighbors (1996)

The Revenge of the Kali-Ra (1999)

The Tell-Tale Tattoo and Other Stories (2002) [SS]

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