Advertising & Public Relations
Harold Adams
  • Carl Wilcox: ex-convict and Depression-era sign-painter in South Dakota

Marian Babson
  • Douglas Perkins and Gerry Tate: in public relations in London, England

M.C. Beaton
  • Agatha Raisin: London advertising retiree living in the Cotswolds, England

Carol Brennan
  • Liz Wareham: 40-ish public relations consultant in New York City,

Carl Brookins
  • Michael Tanner: successful public relations executive, and his second wife, Mary Whitney, an heiress to an industrial empire, in Seattle, Washington

Edgar Box
  • Peter Cutler Sargeant II: public relations consultant in New York City

Alyse Carlson
  • Camellia (Cam) Harris: 30-something public relations guru in Roanoke, Virginia, in the Garden Society mysteries

Camilla T. Crespi
  • Simona Griffo: art buyer for an advertising firm and gourmet cook, in New York City
Carole Nelson Douglas
  • Temple Barr: public relations freelancer, and Midnight Louie, tomcat sleuth, in Las Vegas, Nevada

Sharon Fiffer
  • Jane Wheel: laid off from her advertising job and working as an antique picker to make ends meet, in Chicago, Illinois

Anne Underwood Grant
  • Sydney Teague: advertising agency owner in Charlotte, North Carolina
Kathleen Moore Knight
  • Margot Blair: partner in a public relations firm
Hugh Pentecost (Judson Philips)
  • Julian Quist: public relations genius

Patricia Houck Sprinkle
  • Sheila Travis: publicist in Atlanta, Georgia

David Stukis
  • Robert Wilsop: recovered Catholic and copywriter for feminine hygiene products in New York

Karen Hanson Stuyck
  • Lis James: journalist turned public relations officer for a mental health center, in Houston, Texas

Pari Noskin Taichert
  • Sasha Solomon: public relations director in New Mexico

Steven Womack
  • Jack Lynch: public relations man and problem solver, in New Orleans, Louisiana

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