Cars & Car Racing

Lisa Bork
  • Jolene Asdale: owner of a sports car boutique, in the fictional tourist town of Wachobe in the Finger Lakes region of New York, in the Broken Vows mysteries

Benjamin Garrick
  • Benjamin Garrick: designer of engine parts for NASCAR race cars, in Detroit, Michigan

Dana Haynes
  • Leonard Tomzak: pathologist and crash investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board

D.E. Johnson

Will Anderson, working in his father’s electric car company in 1910 Detroit, Michigan

Bob Judd

Forrest Evers: champion international race car driver, tangled up in shenanigans around the world

Tammy Kaehler

Kate Reilly: aspiring race car driver and amateur sleuth on the racing circuit

Joyce and Jim Lavene
  • Glad Wycznewski: 40-something ex-cop from Chicago, and his new wife Ruby, on the NASCAR racing circuit, in the Stock Car Racing mysteries

Amy Myers
  • Jack Colby: car detective, in England

Douglas Rutherford
  • Tim Ryder: the world’s youngest Grand Prix winning race car driver

Judith Skillings
  • Rebecca Moore: former reporter who runs a classic car restoration shop, in rural Maryland

Steve Ulfelder
  • Conway Sax: no-nonsense auto mechanic with a knack for solving difficult problems, around Framingham, Massachusetts

Simon Wood
  • Aidy Westlake: rookie car-racing driver in England

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