Real Estate
Lou Allin
  • Belle Palmer: 40-something realtor in northern Ontario, Canada

Alistair Boyle
  • Gil Yates: private investigator, alias Malvin Stark, a nerdy, unsuccessful real estate agent, in Los Angeles, California

Cheryl Crane
  • Nikki Harper: celebrity realtor and amateur sleuth, in Hollywood, California
Kathleen Delaney
  • Ellie McKenzie: newly certified real estate agent returning to her old hometown of Santa Louisa, California

Vicki Doudera
  • Darby Farr: real estate agent returning from California to her old hometown of Hurricane Harbor, Maine

Bente Gallagher (Jennie Bentley)
  • Savannah Martin: real estate agent and southern belle, in Nashville, Tennessee

Nancy Lynn Jarvis
  • Regan McHenry: real estate agent in Santa Cruz, California
David A. Kaufelt
  • Wyn Lewis: real estate attorney, on Long Island, New York

Barbara Lee
  • Eve Elliott: real estate agent in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

Tierney McClellan (Barbara Taylor McCafferty)
  • Schuyler Ridgway: sassy realtor in Louisville, Kentucky
Justin Scott
  • Ben Abbott: ex-Wall Street financier turned realtor in Newbury, Connecticut

Nina Wright
  • Whiskey Mattimoe: recently widowed, 30-something real estate broker, in the small resort town of Magnet Springs, Michigan

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