Larry D. Sweazy
Marjorie Trumaine, a professional book indexer and farm-wife in 1960s North Dakota:

See Also Murder (2015) [review]

See Also Deception (2016)

See Also Proof (2018)

Sonny Burton, retired from the Texas Rangers after losing an arm in a shoot-out with Bonnie and Clyde, now freelancing in the early 1930s Texas:

A Thousand Falling Crows (2016)

The Lost Are the Last To Die (2019)


The Devil’s Bones (2012)

Where I Can See You (2017)

Josiah Wolfe, Texas Ranger, western series:

The Rattlesnake Season (2009)

The Scorpion Trail (2010)

The Badger’s Revenge (2011)

The Cougar’s Prey (2011)

The Coyote Tracker (2012)

The Gila Wars (2013)

Lucas Fume, former Confederate spy, western series:

Vengeance at Sundown (2014)

Escape from Hangtown (2015)

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