Beauty & Fashion
Sam Baker
  • Annie Anderson: tabloid feature writer and fashion editor at Handbag Magazine, based in London, England

Juliet Blackwell
  • Lily Ivory: a witch running a vintage clothing store, Aunt Cora’s Closet, where she can feel vibrations of the past, in San Francisco, California, in the Witchcraft mysteries

Annette Blair
  • Madeira Cutler: proprietor of a vintage clothing store in a former morgue in Mystick Falls, Connecticut, in the Vintage Magic mysteries

Laura Bradley
  • Reyn Sawyer: sassy hair stylist in San Antonio, Texas

Ellen Byerrum
  • Lacey Smithsonian: the “Crime of Fashion” columnist, in Washington, DC

Grace Carroll (Carol Culver)
  • Rita Jewel, selling clothes and accessories to socialites at Dolce's Boutique, in San Francisco, California, in the Accessories mysteries

Dixie Cash
  • Debbie Sue Overstreet: doing big hair at the Styling Station, and her best pal Edwina Perkins-Martin, later private investigators, in fictional Salt Lick, Texas

Nancy Cohen
  • Marla Shore: beauty salon owner in south Florida, in the Bad Hair Day Mysteries
Rex Dancer (Michael Kilian)
  • Andy Derain: burned out New York fashion photographer, in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the Jazz Age mysteries

Lila Dare (Laura DiSilverio)
  • Grace Ann Terhune: recently divorced beautician working in her mother's salon in the tourist town of St. Elizabeth, Georgia, in the Southern Beauty Shop series

Elizabeth J. Duncan
  • Penny Brannigan: manicurist and expatriate Canadian living in Llanelen, Wales

Sophie Dunbar
  • Clair Claiborne: beauty salon owner in New Orleans, Louisiana

Gallagher Gray (Katy Munger)
  • Auntie Lil: 84-year old retired from the garment industry, and T.S. Hubbert, a retired personnel director, in New York City, in the Partners in Crime series

Chloe Green
  • Dallas O’Connor: freelance fashion stylist in Texas

Gemma Halliday
  • Maddie Springer: shoe designer turned crime fighter, in Los Angeles, California, in the High Heels romantic mysteries

Dorothy Howell
  • Haley Randolph: 20-something obsessed with handbags and working part-time at Holt’s Department Store in Los Angeles, California

Eleanor Hyde
  • Lydia Miller: 30-something fashion editor in New York City

Dolores Johnson
  • Mandy Dyer: owner of Dyer's Cleaners in Denver, Colorado
Susan Kandel
  • Cece Caruso: 40-something biographer of dead mystery writers and fan of vintage fashions, in Southern California

William Maltese
  • Stud Draqual: maybe gay, maybe not CEO of Draqual Fashions, and a much-in-demand New York City haute-couture fashion designer of ladies' silk underwear

Jenn McKinlay
  • Scarlett Parker: moving from Florida to London to run Mims’s Whims, a ladies’ hat shop, with her British cousin Vivian Tremont, in the Hat Shop mysteries

Grant Michaels
  • Stan Kraychik: gay hairdresser in Boston, Massachusetts
Melissa Bourbon Ramirez
  • Harlow Jean Cassidy: Manhattan fashion designer who opens the Magical Dressmaking boutique in a farmhouse she inherits in Bliss, Texas

Dolores Stewart Riccio
  • Cassandra Shipton: owner of Earthlore Herbal Preparations and Cruelty-Free Cosmetics, and a member of a study group turned coven

Dorothy and Sidney Rosen
  • Belle Appleman: Jewish immigrant and garment worker during the Great Depression, in Boston, Massachusetts

Rosemary Stevens
  • Beau Brummell: arbiter of fashion in the Regency era of Great Britain

Sarah Strohmeyer
  • Bubbles Yablonsky: hairdresser and journalist in Lehigh, Pennsylvania

Barbara Jaye Wilson
  • Brenda Midnight: milliner in Greenwich Village, New York City

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