Crafts and Needlework
Sarah Atwell (Sheila Connolly)
  • Emmeline (Em) Dowell: glassblower, in Tucson, Arizona, in the Glassblowing mysteries

Janet Bolin
  • Willow Vanderling: who left a corporate job to open a machine embroidery shop in fictional Elderberry Bay, Pennsylvania, in the Threadville mysteries

Barbara Bretton
  • Chloe Hobbs: half-human, half-sorceress, owner of a knitting shop, in Sugar Maple, Vermont

Elizabeth Bright (Tim Myers)
  • Jennifer Shane and her shop, Custom Card Creations, in The Card-Making Mysteries

Lizbie Brown
  • Elizabeth Blair: American widow quilt shop owner in Bath, England

Maggie Bruce
  • Lili Marino: moving from Brooklyn to Walden Corners, New York, in the Gourd Craft mysteries

Mollie Cox Bryan
  • Annie Chemovitz: former investigative journalist, now a stay-at-home mom involved with a scrapbooking club, in fictional Cumberland Creek, Virginia

Anne Canadeo
  • Maggie Messina: owner of the Black Sheep Knitting Shop and a circle of knitters, in Plum Harbor, Massachusetts, in the Black Sheep Knitting mysteries

Elizabeth Lynn Casey (Laura Bradford)
  • Tori Sinclair: a Yankee librarian moving to Sweet Briar, South Carolina, in the Southern Sewing Circle mysteries

Laura Childs
  • Carmela Bertrand: owner of a scrapbooking shop in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the Scrapbooking Mysteries

M.E. Cooper
  • Oklahoma quilting series

Elizabeth Craig
  • Beatrice Coleman: retired art museum curator and amateur sleuth in the fictional mountain village of Dappled Hills, North Carolina, in the Southern Quilting mysteries
Monica Ferris
  • Betsy Devonshire: needlework shop owner in Excelsior, Minnesota

Earlene Fowler
  • Albenia “Benni” Harper: ex-rancher and folk art museum curator, in San Celina, California

Melissa Glazer (Tim Myers)
  • Carolyn Emerson: middle-aged proprietor of a do-your-own-pottery shop, Fire at Will, in fictional Maple Ridge, Vermont, in the Clay and Crime mysteries

Sally Goldenbaum
  • Isabel “Izzy” Chambers: lawyer who leaves Boston to open the Seaside Knitting Studio, in Sea Harbor, Massachusetts
  • Po Paltrow: writer and quilter, and the Queen Bees quilting group, in the fictitious college town of Crestwood, Kansas

Barbara Graham
  • Tony Abernathy, the sheriff, and his wife, Theo, a quilt shop owner, in fictional Park County, in eastern Tennessee

Beth Groundwater
  • Claire Hanover: 40-something proprietor of a gift-basket business, in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Betty Hechtman
  • Molly Pink: 40-something widow coordinating events in a bookstore, including the Tarzana Hookers, a crochet group in California, in the Crochet mysteries

Mary Ellen Hughes
  • Jo McAllister: proprietor of Jo’s Craft Corner, in the small town of Abbotsville, Maryland, in the Craft Corner mysteries
Mary Kruger
  • Ariadne “Ari” Evans: 29-year-old owner of Ariadne’s Web, a knitting shop in Freeport, Massachusetts, in the Knitting Mysteries

Eleanor Kuhns
  • Will Rees: former soldier in the American Revolution, working as a traveling weaver in 1790s Maine

John J. Lamb
  • Brad Lyon: retired San Francisco homicide inspector, and his wife Ashleigh, teddy bear creator and collector, in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, in the Bear Collector’s mysteries

Lucy Lawrence (Jenn McKinlay)
  • Brenna Miller: decoupage teacher in Morse Point, a small town in New England, in the Decoupage Murder mysteries

Amanda Lee (Gayle Trent)
  • Marcy Singer: owner of an embroidery shop, The Seven-Year Stitch, in fictional Tallulah Falls, Oregon, in the Embroidery mysteries

Kylie Logan (Constance Laux)
  • Josie Giancola: leading expert on buttons with a button shop in Chicago, Illinois, in the Button Box mysteries

Annette Mahon
  • Maggie Browne: widow, and the St. Rose Quilting Bee, in Scottsdale, Arizona

Carol Ann Martin
  • Della Wright: owner of a weaving studio in Briar Hollow, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, in the Weaving mysteries

Cricket McRae
  • Sophie Mae Reynolds: 30-something soapmaker and amateur sleuth, in the Pacific Northwest, in the Home Crafting mysteries

Tim Myers
  • Harrison Black: inheritor of At Wick’s End candle shop from his great aunt, in the Candlemaking Mysteries
  • Benjamin Perkins: working in his family’s specialty soap store Where There’s Soap, in the Soapmaking Mysteries

Clare O’Donohue
  • Nell Fitzgerald: former Manhattan publishing professional now helping her grandmother, Eleanor Cassidy, run a quilting store in the Hudson River town of Archer’s Rest, New York, in the Someday Quilts mysteries
Arlene Sachitano
  • Harriet Truman, widowed and taking over her aunt’s quilting business and home, in fictional Foggy Point, Washington, in the Loose Threads mysteries

Maggie Sefton
  • Kelly Flynn: corporate accountant from Washington DC, who has relocated to Ft. Connor, Colorado and is learning to knit at the House of Lambspun

Joanna Campbell Slan
  • Kiki Lowenstein: newly widowed mother of a young daughter, working in a scrapbooking store, Time in a Bottle, in St. Louis, Missouri, in the Scrap-N-Craft series

Terri Thayer
  • Dewey Pellicano: who inherits her mother’s quilt shop Quilter Paradiso, in San Jose, California, in the Quilting mysteries

Barbara Workinger
  • Hannah Miller (Granny Hanny): mystery reader and quilt-making enthusiast, in Pennsylvania, in the Amish Country mysteries

Lois Winston
  • Anastasia Pollack: recently widowed mother of two teenaged sons, and crafts editor for a popular women’s magazine, in northern New Jersey

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