Farmers and Ranchers
David Anthony
  • Morgan Butler: Korean War veteran who worked for a San Francisco detective agency, now farming and sleuthing in Ohio and West Virginia

Jack Bickham
  • Charity Ross: widowed frontier ranch owner in 1890s Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Sinclair Browning
  • Trade Ellis: rancher and part-time private eye, in Arizona

Judy Clemens
  • Stella Crown: Harley-riding dairy farmer, in Pennsylvania

Sheila Connolly
  • Meg Corey: taking over her mother’s colonial home and apple orchard, in fictional Granford, Massachusetts
William Deverell
  • Arthur Beauchamp: scholarly, self-doubting lawyer retired as a hobbyist farmer on Garibaldi Island, off the coast of British Columbia, Canada

Earlene Fowler
  • Albenia “Benni” Harper: ex-rancher and folk art museum curator, in San Celina, California
  • Ruby McGavin, inheriting a ranch in fictional Tokopah County, California, in a suspenseful family saga

Micah S. Hackler
  • Cliff Lansing: single father and part-time rancher-sheriff, and Gabe Hanna, his deputy, in New Mexico

Joseph Hansen
  • Hank Bohannon: ex-sheriff, owner of a horse ranch, and crime fighter in Central California

B.B. Haywood
  • Candy Holliday, running a blueberry farm with her dad Henry “Doc” Holliday, near the fictional seaside town of Cape Willington, Maine
Vicki Lane
  • Elizabeth Goodweather: 50-something widow and proprietor of an herb and flower farm near Asheville, North Carolina, in the Appalachians

Clyde Linsley
  • Josiah Beede: war hero at the Battle of New Orleans, retired lawyer, and 1830s New England farmer

B.J. Oliphant (Sheri S. Tepper)
  • Shirley McClintock: 50-something rancher in Colorado
Hannah Reed (Deb Baker)
  • Story Fischer: beekeeper in the fictional small town of Moraine, Wisconsin, in the Queen Bee mysteries

Paige Shelton
  • Becca Robins, who makes jam on her farm to sell at her twin sister Alison’s farmers market in rural South Carolina, in the Farmer’s Market mysteries

Brad Smith
  • Virgil Cain: a small-time rancher, and Claire Marchand, a homicide detective, in upstate New York

Marilyn Todd
  • Claudia Seferius: vineyard owner in 1st century Rome, Italy

Reavis Z. Wortham
  • Ned Parker: farmer and part-time constable, in mid-1960s Center Springs, Lamar County, Texas, in the Red River mysteries

Nancy Means Wright
  • Ruth Willmarth: farmer in Vermont

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