Horses & Horse Racing
Carolyn Banks
  • Robin Vaughan: equestrienne in Texas

Rita Mae Brown
  • Sister Jane Arnold: 70-year-old Master of the Fox Hunt in Virginia

J.D. Carpenter
  • Campbell Young: racetrack-loving homicide detective, later a private investigator, and his friend Priam Harvey, a racetrack journalist, mostly in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Laura Crum
  • Gail McCarthy: veterinarian in an equine practice, in Santa Cruz, California
Kit Ehrman
  • Steve Cline: young stable hand in Maryland

Dick Francis
  • Kit Fielding: jockey in England
  • Sid Halley: injured steeplechase jockey turned private eye in England

Joseph Hansen
  • Hank Bohannon: ex-sheriff, owner of a horse ranch, and crime fighter in Central California

Sasscer Hill
  • Nikki Latrelle: a young female jockey in Maryland

Tami Hoag
  • Elena Estes: ex-cop turned horse trainer, in Palm Beach, Florida

Jody Jaffe
  • Natalie Gold: reporter on the horse show circuit in Charlotte, North Carolina
Holly Menino
  • Tink Elledge: 50ish nationally-ranked equestrian and horse trainer living with her fourth husband on a horse farm near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mary Monica Pulver (Monica Ferris)
  • Kori Price Brichter: horse breeder, and Peter Brichter, a police detective, in Illinois

John Francome
  • Non-series mysteries about the UK racing scene

John McEvoy
  • Jack Doyle: failed ad-man and reluctant sleuth working in the horse-racing world, based in the Chicago, Illinois area

Michele Scott
  • Michaela Bancroft: in the Horse Lover’s mysteries

Bill Shoemaker
  • Coley Killebrew: ex-jockey turned restaurant owner, in southern California

Sally Wright
  • Jo Grant: architect who returns home in 1962 to Lexington, Kentucky, to run the family broodmare farm

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