Alina Adams
  • Rebecca Levy: figure skating researcher

Delano Ames
  • Dagobert Brown: sometime researcher and writer and his wife Jane, living in southern France
Brendan DuBois
  • Lewis Cole: former Department of Defense research analyst, retired in Tyler Beach, New Hampshire

Terence Faherty
  • Owen Keane: ex-seminarian and law firm researcher, in Boston, Massachusetts

Tom Grace
  • Nolan Kilkenny: ex-Navy SEAL, working at his father's online research firm in Michigan

Jonathan Harrington
  • Danny O’Flaherty: American teacher researching his family’s roots in Ireland, and in New York City
E.L. Larken
  • Demary Jones: owner of Confidential Research, specializing in genealogy and historical research, in Seattle, Washington

Janice Law
  • Anna Peters: reformed blackmailer and oil company researcher turned security expert, in Connecticut

Roy Lewis
  • Arnold Landon: medieval architecture expert and researcher in Northumberland, England

Fiona Mountain
  • Natasha Blake: genealogist in the Cotswolds, in England
Jennifer Rowe
  • Verity “Birdie” Birdwood: TV researcher in Australia

P.J. Stelzer
  • Georgia Jensen: historical researcher turn sleuth

Dan Waddell
  • Nigel Barnes: genealogist working with Detective Chief Inspector Grant Foster, in London, England

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