Delano Ames
Dagobert Brown, a black sheep of a titled English family, and Jane Hamish (later Brown), a secretary and writer, in London, England, and elsewhere mostly in Europe:

She Shall Have Murder (1948)

Murder Begins at Home (1949)

Corpse Diplomatique (1950)

Death of a Fellow Traveller (1950)
APA: Nobody Wore Black (1951)

The Body on Page One (1951)

Murder, Maestro, Please (1952)

No Mourning for the Matador (1953)

Crime, Gentlemen, Please (1954)
APA: Coffin for Christopher (1954)

Landscape with Corpse (1955)

Crime out of Mind (1956)

She Wouldn’t Say Who (1957)

Lucky Jane (1959)
APA: For Old Crime’s Sake (1959)

Juan Llorca, a sergeant in the Civil Guard in Spain:

The Man in the Tricorn Hat (1960)

The Man with Three Jaguars (1961)

The Man with Three Chins (1965)

The Man with Three Passports (1967)


They Journey by Night (1932)
APA: Not in Utter Nakedness (1932)

No Traveller Returns (1934)

The Cornish Coast Conspiracy1 (1942)

A Night in Casablanca (1946) [screenplay novelization]

School for Secrets (1947) [screenplay novelization]

He Found Himself Murdered (1947)

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