Series Characters by Last Name

Matt Gabriel: sheriff in Blackwater Bay, Michigan, by Paula Gosling

John Gaffney: Detective Chief Superintendent of Scotland Yard’s Special Branch, and Harry Tipper, a detective chief inspector, in London, England, by Graham Ison

Ethan Gage: American adventurer and rascal, starting in 1799, by William Dietrich

Graham Gage: cop turned private investigator, caught up in international intrigue, based in San Francisco, California, by Steven Gore

Cecil Galant: examining magistrate in Cannes, France, by Jane Jakeman

Dr. Galimatias: semi-retired physician based in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Aramus P. Limpkin, professor of history at a college in Georgia, by H.O. Ward

Joe (Joseph Liam) Gall: free-lance soldier of fortune and contract killer for the CIA, around the world, by Philip Atlee

Jan Gallagher: head of Special Security Projects at Jackson General Hospital in Abilene, Texas, by Jo Bailey

Kate Gallagher: plus-sized TV producer laid off and left by her boyfriend, in Durham, North Carolina, in the Fat City mysteries by Kathryn Lilley

Kate Gallagher: commercial airline pilot by Kam Majd

Willi Gallagher: part-time English teacher, looking into her American Indian background, and Quannah Lassiter, a Lakota-speaking special investigator for the Texas Rangers, in Nickleberry, Texas, by Kat Goldring

Pat Gallegher: failed seminarian, retired forensic psychologist, and jazz musician, in New Orleans, Louisiana, by Richard Helms

Tim Gallen: IRS agent, and Maggie Connors, a stock broker, by Malinda Terreri

Lyle “Tiller” Galloway III: ex-Navy Seal in Vietnam, deep-water diver, ex-con, and drifter, by David Poyer

Dr. Ruth Galloway: forensic archaeologist, and Harry Nelson, a detective chief inspector, in the Saltmarsh area near Norfolk, England, by Elly Griffiths

Theresa Galloway: plus-sized African-American personnel officer at the Department of Environmental Equity in Sacramento, California, by Terris McMahan Grimes

Jason Galt by Mark Lovell (Mark McShane)

Armand Gamache: Chief Inspector of the Sûreté du Québec, in the village of Three Pines, in southern Quebec, Canada, by Louise Penny

Clara Gamadge: widow of Henry, the forgery expert, in New York City, by Eleanor Boylan

Henry Gamadge: author, bibliophile, and forgery expert, in New York City, by Elizabeth Daly

Berrien Gamble: co-owner of the Nice Skates Ice Arena and an amateur sleuth, in the fictitious costal town of Portugal, 40 miles south of San Francisco, California, by Joan Bartlett

Lena Gamble: young police detective just promoted to the elite Robbery-Homicide Division, in Los Angeles, California, by Robert Ellis

Jack Gannon: veteran crime reporter in Buffalo, New York, by Rick Mofina

Mitchell Gant: burned out Vietnam vet and Russian jet skyjacker for the CIA, by Craig Thomas

Rowan Gant: Wiccan disciple in St. Louis, Missouri, by M.R. Sellars

Charlie Gants: ex-homicide detective in Texas, by Richard K. Abshire

Win Garano: mixed-race state investigator, and Monique Lamont, District Attorney, in Boston, Massachusetts, by Patricia Cornwell

Elaina (Lainey) Garcia: talk-show host, and the ghost of her sister Tessa, in Grapevine, Texas, in the Dead Sister Talking mysteries by Lizbeth Lipperman

Lupe Garcia: homicide detective in Detroit, Michigan, by Doug Allyn

Christine Garcia y Grant: ex-lawyer running a bed and breakfast in Taos, New Mexico, in the Taos Festival Mysteries by Mari Ulmer

Lizzy Gardner: private investigator who was once terrorized by a serial killer, in Sacramento, California, by T.R. Ragan

Dr. Earl Garnet: Emergency Room Chief at St. Paul’s Hospital, in Buffalo, New York, by Peter Clement

Dave Garnett: resistance fighter in Soviet-occupied Britain, by Clive Egleton

Garrett: 30-something human private investigator in fantasy TunFaire, by Glen Cook

Amanda Garrett: commander of a stealth US Navy warship in the near future, by James H. Cobb

Dave Garrett: disbarred lawyer turned private eye in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, by Neil Albert

Maggie Garrett: young, lesbian private investigator in San Francisco, California, by Jean Taylor

Callahan Garrity: cleaning business owner in Atlanta, Georgia, by Kathy Hogan Trocheck

Mike Garrity: 40-something retired police detective, now a private investigator, with a brain tumor named Bob, in Orlando, Florida, by Thomas B. Cavanagh

Gabe Garshowitz: Jewish homicide detective, and his beautiful young partner, Iris Forester, a detective constable, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, by Alvin Abram

Hannah Garvey: former advertising executive managing the upscale Valhalla Springs retirement community in the Missouri Ozarks, by Suzann Ledbetter

Bill Gastner: insomniac undersheriff, and Estelle Reyes-Guzman, later the new undersheriff, in Posadas County, New Mexico, by Steven F. Havill

Ben Gates by Robert Kyle (Robert Terrall)

Dennis Gatz: homicide detective in Melbourne, Australia, by J.R. Carroll

Jonathan Gaunt: external auditor the Queen in Edinburgh, Scotland, by Noah Webster (US) or Robert MacLeod (UK)

Drew Gavin: Albuquerque Gazette sports columnist in Albuquerque, New Mexico, by Steve Brewer

Nora Gavin: American pathologist, and Cormac Maguire, an Irish archaeologist, in Ireland, by Erin Hart

Riley Gavin: freelance journalist, and Frank Palmer, an ex-military policeman and private investigator, in London, England, by Adrian Magson

Ben Geller: sniper with the Special Emergency Response Team, in Stratton, Oregon, by Barry Ozeroff

Jonah Geller: private investigator, and his partner, Jenn Raudsepp, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, by Howard Shrier

Mark Genevich: narcoleptic private investigator in South Boston, Massachusetts, by Paul Tremblay

Angela Gennaro and Patrick Kenzie, private investigators in Dorchester, Massachusetts, by Dennis Lehane

Dirk Gently (alias of Svlad Cjelli), a holistic detective who investigates based on the fundamental interconnectedness of all things, in London, England, in this comic, sci-fi mystery series by Douglas Adams

George Gently: police inspector, later Chief Superintendent, based in East Anglia, England, by Alan Hunter

Court Gentry (The Gray Man): former CIA operative, now an international hired assassin, by Mark Greaney

Dr. Edward George: retired Yale librarian in Washington DC, by Charles A. Goodrum

Kirth Gersen: hunter of nonhuman killers in the United States, in the Demon Princes series, by Jack Vance

Anthony Ruthven Gethryn: sleuth and sometime intelligence officer, son of an English squire and a Spanish actress, by Phillip MacDonald

Walter Ghost: amateur detective, by Vincent Starrett

Inspector Ganesh Ghote: police inspector in Bombay, India, by H.R.F. Keating

Josie Giancola: leading expert on buttons with a button shop in Chicago, Illinois, in the Button Box mysteries by Kylie Logan (Constance Laux)

Bert Gibbons and Mike Tozzi, FBI agents in New York City, by Anthony Bruno

Jack Gibbons: detective sergeant at Scotland Yard, and Phillip Bethancourt his rich friend, man-about-town from university days, in London, England, by Cassandra Chan

Connor Gibbs: private investigator running Quixote Enterprises, in Wendover, North Carolina, by Leo Atkins (Clay Harvey pseudonym)

Jake Gibbs: American lieutenant colonel and spy, working for General George Washington during the Revolutionary War, by Jim DeFelice

Carole Ann Gibson: black criminal defense attorney in Washington DC, by Penny Mickelbury

Jeremiah X. Gibson: assistant district attorney in New York City, by Hampton Stone (Aaron Mark Stein)

George Gideon: Commander of Scotland Yard’s Criminal Investigation Department, by J.J. Marric (John Creasey)

Michael Gideon and his German shepherd partner Sirius, sole members of the LAPD’s Special Cases Unit, in Los Angeles, California, by Alan Russell

Willis Gidney: former con-artist, now a private investigator in Washington, DC, by Thomas Kaufman

Adam Gifford: crime reporter recruited by the War Office, based in London, England, and Africa, by Anthony Lejeune

Barry Gilbert and Joe Lombardo, homicide detectives, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, by Scott Mackay

Erin Gilbert and Steve Sullivan, rival interior designers in Colorado, in the Domestic Bliss Mysteries by Leslie Caine

Andy Gilchrist: detective inspector in St. Andrews, Scotland, by T. Frank Muir

Eve Gill: young sleuth frequently dealing with problems caused by her liquor-smuggling father, in England, by Selwyn Jepson

Superintendent Gillant: chief constable in Yorkshire, England, by John Wainwright

Patrick Gillard: British army major, and Ingrid Langley, a novelist and British Agent, by Margaret Duffy

Grace Gillespie: nurse-physiotherapist, in the UK, by Gerald Hammond

Kate Gillespie: homicide inspector in San Francisco, California, by Robin Burcell

Stefan Gillespie: Garda detective sergeant in 1930s Dublin, Ireland, by Michael Russell

Christian Gillette: CEO of Everest Capital, a Manhattan-based investment firm, in New York City, by Stephen Frey

Meg Gillis: security officer in Los Angeles, California, by C.J. Songer

Dandy Gilver: well-to-do woman in 1920s Scotland, by Catriona McPherson

Leigh Girard: former teacher moving from Chicago to work as a reporter for the Door County Gazette, in the remote artist community of Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, by Gail Lukasik

Mark Girland: high-living (when he can) ex-CIA operative by James Hadley Chase

Gunnhildur (Gunna) Gísladóttir: police sergeant in the village of Hvalvík, Iceland, by Quentin Bates

Susan Given: asset forfeiture prosecutor in New York City, by Margaret Barrett & Charles Dennis

Raylan Givens: federal marshal in Florida, by Elmore Leonard

Paul Giverney: suspense novelist dealing with cut-throat publishers in New York City, by Martha Grimes

Alexandra Gladstone: doctor in Victorian Newton-on-Sea, England, by Paula Paul (Paula Carter)

Alison Glasby: crime reporter, in 1970s London, England, by James Brownley

Billy Glasheen: a lurk merchant and milk bar cowboy, in post-WWII Sydney, Australia, by Peter Doyle

Hayden Glass: detective in the LAPD Robbery-Homicide Division, who also suffers from a sexual addiction, in Los Angeles, California, by Stephen Jay Schwartz

Sterling Glass: antiques appraiser in the small town of Leemont, Virginia, by Emyl Jenkins

Walter Glass: Detective Chief Inspector in Liverpool, England, by Ron Ellis

Joseph C. Gleason: attorney in Arlington, Massachusetts, by Andrew McAleer

Sir Toby Glendower: 60-something archaeologist, and Penny Spring, a 60-something anthropologist, in Cambridge, England, by Margot Arnold

Al Glenne: French spy (“the French James Bond”) by M.G. Braun

Paula Glenning: professor and writer, in London, England, by Anna Clarke

Karen Glick: feature writer for a Wall Street magazine, in New York City, by Lawrence Light

Abe Glitsky: black, Jewish cop, and Dismas Hardy, ex-cop bartender and ex-Assistant District Attorney turned defense attorney, in San Francisco, California, by John Lescroart

Lord Godwin, bailiff in Hexham, in 13th century England, by Sara Conway

Alexander Gold: construction engineer and puzzle maven, in New York City, by Herbert Resnicow

Ariel Gold: amnesiac television newsmagazine producer in Los Angeles, California, by Judy Mercer

Eamon Gold: private investigator in San Francisco, California, by Richard Helms

Glad Gold: English professor, and Alden Chase, a chief of police, and in Wading River, Massachusetts, by Theodora Wender

Gladdy Gold: Florida’s Oldest Private Eye and her gang of retirees, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, by Rita Lakin

Natalie Gold: reporter on the horse show circuit in Charlotte, North Carolina, by Jody Jaffe

Rachel Gold: lawyer in Chicago, Illinois, and then St. Louis, Missouri, by Michael A. Kahn

Sheldon Gold: mentor to Mairead O’Clare, a lawyer, in Boston, Massachusetts, by Terry Devane

Zoe Goldman: hospital resident psychiatrist, in Buffalo, New York, by Sandra Block

Jay Goldstein and Carlos Cruz, homicide detectives in Oakland, California, by Marilyn Wallace

Kiki Goldstein and Hannah Malloy, an unlikely pair of 60-something sisters in Marin County, California, by Annie Griffin

Felix Gomez: private investigator who became a vampire as a soldier in Iraq, in various places in the United States, by Mario Acevedo

Luis Gonzalo: policeman in Puerto Rico, by Seven Torres

Carl Good: short 40-something private investigator, in Chicago, Illinois, by Robert O. Saber (Milton K. Ozaki)

Dr. Sally Good: head of the English and Fine Arts departments at Hughes Community College in Texas, by Bill Crider

Gary Goodhew: detective constable at Parkside Station, in Cambridge, England, by Alison Bruce

Rayford Goodman: jaded, once-famous private investigator, and Mark Bradley, a gay writer of celebrity biographies, in Los Angeles, California, by Stan Cutler

Augusta Goodnight: Guardian angel, by Mignon F. Ballard

Elizabeth Goodweather: 50-something widow and proprietor of an herb and flower farm near Asheville, North Carolina, in the Appalachians, by Vicki Lane

Samuel Gorby and Kilsip, police detectives, and Calton, a leading lawyer, in Melbourne, Australia, by Fergus Hume

Gordianus the Finder: private investigator in the 1st century BCE in Rome, Italy, by Steven Saylor

Dan Gordon, an Israeli Mossad veteran, now an investigating attorney acting worldwide for the CIA and U.S. Department of Justice, by Haggai Carmon

Ellie Gordon: law firm office manager in Orange County, California, by Karin Berne

K.C. Gordon: successful romance novelist in Australia, by Emma Darcy

Lindsay Gordon: lesbian journalist and socialist, in Glasgow, Scotland, by Val McDermid

Yudel Gordon: Jewish prison psychologist in Johannesburg, South Africa

Vera Gorringe: Oxford-educated assistant to Bishop, an author of books about personality under stress and an observer of other people’s problems, based in London, England, by Adam Hall

Eleanor “Norrie” Gorzack: Polish-American US Senator from Pennsylvania, by Barbara Mikulski & Marylouise Oates

Harry Gould: small-time grifter in New York City, by Raymond Obstfeld

Roy Grace: Detective Superintendent of the CID, in Sussex, England, by Peter James

Alan Graham: contract archaeologist in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, by Malcolm Shuman

Annabella Graham: crossword puzzle editor for the Newcastle Evening Crier, and Rosco Polycrates, a private eye, in Newcastle, Massachusetts, by Nero Blanc

Charlotte Graham: actress in New Jersey, by Stefanie Matteson

Davina Graham: British spy in the Cold War, by Evelyn Anthony

Liz Graham, Frank Shapiro, and Cal Donovan, cops in Castlemere, England, by Jo Bannister

Robert Graham: detective inspector in Eddathorpe, England, by Raymond Flynn

Alistair Granby: Colonel, later General, in the British Intelligence Service in England and occasionally on the Continent, by Francis Beeding

Alan Grant: Scotland Yard Inspector in London, England, by Josephine Tey

Cal Grant and high school friends in the late 1940s, in St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, by Stanley Gordon West

Celia Grant: botanist and horticulturist in London, England, by John Sherwood

Hollis Grant: painter and amateur sleuth, starting in Ottawa, and mostly in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, by Joan Boswell

Jo Grant: architect who returns home in 1962 to Lexington, Kentucky, to run the family broodmare farm, by Sally Wright

Kerry Grant: police detective and computer guru, in Chicago, Illinois, by Jean Sheldon

Patrick Grant: professor at Oxford, England, by Margaret Yorke

Peter Grant: police constable, apprentice wizard, and all round nice guy, in London, England, in the Rivers of London urban fantasy series by Ben Aaronovitch

Sam Grant: of the Peking Inquiry Agency and later the Grant Inquiry Agency, by James Pattinson

General Ulysses Grant: returning to his hometown of Georgetown, Ohio, after the Civil War, by Jeffrey Marks 

John Landsdowne Granville: failed English gold miner of noble heritage, and freethinking Emily Turner, in 1899 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, by Sharon Rowse

Henry Grave: 80-something investigator for the Association of Cruising Vessel Operators, by William Doonan

Jonathan Grave: wealthy freelance hostage rescue specialist, in Virginia and Washington, DC, by John Gilstrap

Rex Graves: a Scots barrister specializing in criminal litigation, prosecutor at the High Court of Justiciary in Edinburgh, Scotland, by C.S. Challinor

Claire Gray: theatrical director in Palm Springs, California, by Michael Craft

Cordelia Gray: ledgling private investigator in London, England, by P.D. James

Georgiana Grey: young, independent gentlewoman, and a highwayman, the Crimson Cavalier, in late 18th century London, England, by Mary Andrea Clarke

Helen Gray: FBI agent, and Peter Thorn, an army colonel and counter-terrorism expert, by Larry Bond

Josie Gray: police chief in the small border town of Artemis, Texas, by Tricia Fields

P.J. Gray: psychologist and computer expert in St. Louis, Missouri, by Shirley Kennett

Vern Gray: police lieutenant in Connecticut, by Edwin Lanham

Stacy Graysin: part owner of a ballroom dance studio, in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, in the Ballroom Dance mysteries by Ella Barrick (Laura DiSilverio)

Gale Grayson: American expatriate historian in England, by Teri Holbrook

Will Grayson: detective inspector, and Helen Walker, a detective sergeant, in Cambridge, England, by John Harvey

Emma Greaves: by Lionel Black

Bedford Green: art gallery owner and his assistant Sloan Smith, in 1920s Greenwich Village, New York, by Michael Kilian

Bill Green: Detective Inspector and later DCI, and George Masters, Scotland Yard DCI and later Chief Superintendent, in London, England, by Douglas Clark

Katy Green: violin player in the Ultra Belles, an all-girl swing band in 1940s California, by Hal Glatzer

Michael Green: police inspector in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, by Barbara Fradkin

Sammy Greene: talk-radio host at an ultraconservative New England college, by Deborah Shlian and Linda Reid

Charlie Greene: female literary agent in Hollywood, California, by Marlys Millhiser

Hillary Greene: detective inspector with the Thames Valley Police, in Oxfordshire, England, by Faith Martin

Delbert “Dub” Greenert and Vonna Saucier, private investigators, in New Orleans, Louisiana, by J. Madison Davis

C.B. Greenfield: newspaper editor and musician, and Maggie Rome, a reporter and musician, in Sloan's Ford, Connecticut, by Lucille Kallen

Sophie Greenway: magazine editor and food critic for Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the Culinary Mysteries by Ellen Hart

Alan Gregory: clinical psychologist, and Lauren Crowder, an attorney, in Boulder, Colorado, by Stephen White

Joe Gregory and Anthony Ryan, police detective partners in New York City, by Ed Dee

Ewert Grens, a detective inspector, and Sven Sundkvist, a police officer, in Stockholm, Sweden, by Roslund-Hellström

Bennett Grey: recluse with heightened senses after his near death in WWI, and Harris Stuyvesant, a former investigator for the U.S. Justice department, and in the 1920s, by Laurie R. King

Jennifer Grey: newspaper reporter and columnist in Chicago, Illinois, by Jerry Jenkins

Joe Grey: cat and private investigator, by Shirley Rousseau Murphy

Lord John Grey: soldier and gentleman, in mid-18th century London, England, and elsewhere, by Diana Gabaldon

Lady Julia Grey: recently widowed, in 1880s London, England, by Deanna Raybourn

Mother Lavinia Grey: Episcopal vicar and therapist, in Fishersville, New Jersey, by Kate Gallison

Linda Grey: in England, by Desmond Cory

Odelia Grey: plus-sized, middle-aged paralegal, in southern California, by Sue Ann Jaffarian

Paula Grey and Bob Newman, agents, and Tweed, British Secret Service second in command, by Corbin Forbes

Roman Grey: Gypsy art dealer in New York City, by Martin Cruz Smith

Olivia Greyson: owner of he Gingerbread House in her Victorian home in fictional Chatterley Heights, on the outskirts of Baltimore, Maryland, in the Cookie Cutter Shop series by Virginia Lowell

Sidney Grice: London’s most famous personal detective, and his goddaughter and ward, March Middleton, in 1880s London, England, in the Gower Street Detective series by M.R.C. Kasasian

David Grierson: bank inspector, in London England, by Ian Stuart

Lew Griffin: black private investigator in New Orleans, Louisiana, by James Sillas

Simona Griffo: art buyer for an advertising firm and gourmet cook in New York City, by Camilla T. Crespi

Henk Grijpstra, Rinus de Gier, and the Commisaris, police detectives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands by Jan Van De Wetering

Benny Griessel: aging, alcoholic police inspector in Capetown, South Africa, by Deon Meyer

Jimmy (Griff) Griffin: ex-cop investigator for the city attorney, in Baltimore, Maryland, by Preston Pairo III

Stella Griffin: a former Chicago fire fighter, now the fire chief for Sweet Pepper, Tennessee, along with the ghost of former fire chief Eric Gamlyn, in the Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade mysteries by J.J. Cook (Joyce & Jim Lavene)

AnnaLise Griggs: returning to her hometown of Sutterton, North Carolina to care for her aging mother, in the Main Street mysteries by Sandra Balzo

Ernst Grip: agent of the Swedish security police working with the US military and the FBI, by Robert Karjel

Simeon Grist: four-degreed private investigator in Los Angeles, California, by Timothy Hallinan

Alan Grofield: actor and part-time bank robber, in New York City, by Richard Stark (Donald E. Westlake)

Dr. Hanns Gross: the real-life father of modern criminology, and Karl Werthen, a lawyer, in turn-of-the-20th-century Vienna, Austria, by J. Sydney Jones

Ulysses Grove: FBI profiler and author of a textbook on the psychopathic mind, based in northern Virginia, by Jay Bonansinga

Fiona Griffiths: young detective constable with a philosophy degree from Cambridge, in Cardiff, Wales, by Harry Bingham

Joe Grundy: ex-boxer, chief of security at the Lord Douglas Hotel, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, by Marc Strange

Ebenezer Gryce: police detective in New York City, by Anna Katherine Green

Salvatore Guarnaccia: marshal in the Italian Carabinieri in Florence, Italy, by Magdalen Nabb

Crispin Guest: disgraced knight reduced to living by his wits on the mean streets of 1384 London, England, by Jeri Westerson

Thora Gudmundsdottir: lawyer in Reykjavik, Iceland, by Yrsa Sigurdardottir

Guido Guerrieri: jaded defense lawyer in Bari, Italy, by Gianrico Carofiglio

Leo Guild: 1980s bounty hunter in the western United States, by Ed Gorman

Lònia Guiu: fiercely feminist private investigator based in Barcelona, Spain, by Maria-Antònia Oliver

Claire Gulliver: middle-aged librarian turned travel bookshop owner, by Gayle Wigglesworth

Neil Gulliver: former newspaper crime reporter, and former spouse Stevie Marriner, a soap opera star, in Los Angeles, California, by Robert S. Levinson

Mercy Gunderson: a former Army sniper who is one-quarter Minneconjou Sioux, returning home to South Dakota, by Lori G. Armstrong

Martha Gunn: coroner in Shrewsbury, England, by Priscilla Masters

Gunnarstranda and Frank Frolich, police in Oslo, Norway, by K.O. Dahl

Aaron Gunner: black private investigator in Los Angeles, California, by Gar Anthony Haywood

Bernie Gunther: German private eye who hates the Nazis, in Berlin, Germany, 1936-47, by Philip Kerr

Joe Gunther: police detective in Brattleboro, Vermont, by Archer Mayor

Dave Gurney: recently retired 40-something NYPD homicide detective with a reputation for catching serial killers, in rural upstate New York, by John Verdon

Robyn Guthrie: freelance writer in Illinois, by D.C. Brod

Max Guttman: retired 70-something Jewish tailor, starting in New York City, moving to a senior center in California, by Arthur D. Goldstein

Nathanial Gye: paranormal investigator based in Cambridge, England, by Derek Wilson


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