Sue Ann Jaffarian
Odelia Grey, a plus-sized, middle-aged paralegal, in southern California:

Too Big To Miss (2001)

The Curse of the Holy Pail (2003)

Thugs & Kisses (2008)
Finalist 2009 Lefty Award

Booby Trap (2009)

Corpse on the Cob (2010)

Twice as Dead (2011)

Hide & Snoop (2012)

Secondhand Stiff (2013)

Hell on Wheels (2014)

A Body to Spare (2015)

Rhythm & Clues (2016)

Too Big To Die (2017)

Emma Whitecastle, a divorced mom, and the ghost of her pie-baking great-great-great-grandmother, Granny Apples, amateur sleuths:

Ghost à la Mode (2009)

Ghost in the Polka Dot Bikini (2011)

Gem of a Ghost (2012)

Ghost of a Gamble (2014)

Ghost in the Guacamole (2015)

Ghosts of Misty Hollow (2016)

Madison Rose, a waitress in Los Angeles, California, in the Fang-in-Cheek vampire mysteries:

Murder in Vein (2010)

Baited Blood (2011)

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