What’s New

Authors and Characters Added in January 2018

R.J. Bailey: Sam Wylde, a female “personal protection officer” (bodyguard) of the rich and powerful, in the UK and Europe (joint pseudonym of Robert Ryan and wife)

Sarah Bailey: Gemma Woodstock, the lead homicide investigator in rural Smithson, New South Wales, Australia

Susan Alice Bickford: non-series

Angela Clarke: Freddie Venton, starting a journalism career, and her friend Nasreen Cudmore, a police officer, in London, England

Ron Corbett: Frank Yakabuski, a detective with the Springfield Regional Police, on the Northern Divide in Canada

K.J. Howe: Thea Paris, an elite kidnap negotiator and ransom specialist with Quantum Security International

Sheena Kamal: Nora Watts, a homeless research assistant for an attorney in Vancouver, Canada:

Deborah E. Kennedy: non-series

Winnie M. Li: non-series

H.B. Lyle: Wiggins, an ex-soldier trained as a child by Sherlock Holmes, serving as a British spy in 1909

Anna Mazzola: non-series historical mysteries

Gin Phillips: non-series thrillers

Emily Ruskovich: non-series

Joanna Schaffhausen: non-series

New James Swain series: Billy Cunningham, a conman in Las Vegas, Nevada

Gabriel Tallent: non-series

Wendall Thomas: Cyd Redondo, a young, third-generation Brooklyn travel agent specializing in senior citizens, based in New York City

Nancy Tingley: Jenna Murphy, a young Asian art curator at a Marin County museum, and amateur sleuth, based in California

Kathleen Valenti: Maggie O’Malley, a young pharmaceutical researcher at Rxcellance

Emily Winslow: Chloe Frohmann, a detective inspector, and her partner Morris Keene, a detective chief inspector, in Cambridge, England


Authors and Characters Added in December 2017

Kathleen Barber: non-series psychological suspense

New Cynthia Baxter series: Kate McKay, moving home from Manhattan to take care of her ailing grandmother, running an ice-cream shop, Lickety Splits, in the Hudson Valley town of Wolfert’s Roost, New York

New Simon Beaufort series: Alec Londale, a young reporter on the Pall Mall Gazette in 1880s London, England

Guy Bolton: Jonathan Craine, an LAPD detective whose actress wife committed suicide, in late 1930s Hollywood, California

New Dale Brown & Jim DeFelice series: Louis Massina, a robotics expert working with the FBI to combat the Russian mafia, in the Puppet Master thrillers

Helen Cadbury: Sean Denton, a police constable, in Doncaster, England

James (J.S.) Carol: Jefferson Winter, son of a famous serial killer, and a former FBI profiler working as a private investigator

Liv Constantine: non-series thrillers

Polina Dashkova: non-series thriller

Karen Dionne: non-series psychological suspense & thrillers

New Kate Dyer-Seeley series: Britta Johnston, leaving her deadbeat husband and dead-end job, now working at her aunt Elin’s floral boutique, Blooma, in Portland, Oregon

New Peggy Ehrhart series: Pamela Paterson, a widow whose daughter just left for college, working as associate editor of a craft magazine and founder of the Knit and Nibble knitting club, in Arborville, New Jersey

New Barry Eisler series: Livia Lone, a Thai sex-crimes detective in Seattle, Washington

New Kate Ellis series: Albert Lincoln, a detective inspector from London, sent to investigate murder in 1919 Derbyshire, England

New Brian Freeman series: Frost Easton, a homicide detective, in San Francisco, California

Kellye Garrett: Dayna Anderson, an actress turned private investigator, in Los Angeles, California

New Lee Goldberg series: Ian Ludlow, a bestselling writer recruited by the CIA to imagine terrorism scenarios, based in Seattle, WA

New Sarah Graves series: Jacobia “Jake” Tiptree (from the Home Repair Is Homicide series) and her best friend Ellie, running a waterfront bake shop, The Chocolate Moose, in the island fishing village of Eastport, Maine

New Karen Harper series: Claire Britten, a forensic psychologist working with lawyer Nick Markwood, around Saint Augustine, Florida, in the South Shores romantic suspense series

New Diane Janes series: Frances Black and Tom Dod, amateur sleuths in the late 1920s, in the north of England

New Mons Kallentoft series: Zack Herry, a party animal by night, police detective by day, in Stockholm, Sweden, in the Hercules series

T.E. Kinsey: Lady Emily Hardcastle, an eccentric widow with a secret past, and Florence (Flo) Armstrong, her maid and confidante, and an expert in martial arts, moving in the first decade of the 1900s from London to the English countryside

Joseph Knox: Aiden Waits, a disgraced cop working undercover, in Manchester, England

New Chris Nickson series: Lottie Armstrong, beginning as a police constable in 1924, then in 1944, in Leeds, England

New Brenda Novak series: Evelyn Talbot, a psychiatrist working at a maximum security prison and heading the Hanover House institute, near Anchorage, Alaska

New Mark Pryor series: Dominic, a British expat and psychopath working for the DA’s office, in Austin, Texas

New Christopher Rice series: Charlotte Rowe, raised by serial killers who killed her mother, now out for revenge

Krysten Ritter: non-series thriller

Jane Robins: non-series psychological suspense

New Randall Silvis series: Ryan DeMarco, a State Police sergeant, in northwestern Pennsylvania

B.K. Stevens: non-series

C.L. Taylor: non-series psychological thrillers

Emma Tennant: non-series

Wendy Webb: non-series gothic suspense

New C.M. Wendelboe series: Nelson Lane, a US Marshal chasing suspects from Wyoming to Oklahoma during the 1930s

New F. Paul Wilson series: Rick Hayden and Laura Fanning, in a struggle to control two secret societies trying to control the ultimate medical miracle

Raoul Whitfield: non-series

Les Whitten: non-series

Felicia Yap: Hans Richardson, investigating crime in an alternate Cambridge, England, populated by Monos (who remember only the last 24-hours) and Duos (with a 48-hour memory)