What’s New

Authors and Characters Added in July 2014

New Ellery Adams series: Jane Steward, managing Storyton Hall, a retreat in rural western Virginia, in the Book Retreat mysteries (J.B. Stanley pseudonym)

Toby Ball: dystopian thrillers set in The City

R.G. Belsky: Gil Malloy, a discredited New York City reporter (Dick Belsky)

New Stephanie Bond series: Linda Guy Smith and Octavia Guy Habersham, estranged sisters taking over a faltering private detective agency in a strip mall, in Lexington, Kentucky, in the Two Guys Detective Agency series

New Duffy Brown series: Evie Bloomfield, a Chicago girl who takes over a bike shop on tiny Mackinac Island, Michigan, in the Cycle Path mysteries

Judith Campbell: Rev. Olympia Brown, a college chaplain and amateur sleuth, and her colleague, Father Jim Sawicki, in southeast Massachusetts

New Kate Carlisle series: Shannon Hammer, a contractor in fictional Lighthouse Cove in northern California in the Fixer-Upper mysteries

Anne Cleeland: Kathleen Doyle, a new detective, and Chief Inspector Michael Sinclair (Lord Acton), at Scotland Yard, in London, England

Jessie Crockett: Dani Greene, running her family’s maple syrup business in Sugar Grove, New Hampshire, in the Sugar Grove mysteries

A.D. Garrett: Professor Nick Fennimore, a troubled forensic expert hiding away in Scotland, and Kate Simms, a detective inspector, in Manchester, England (joint pseudonym of Margaret Murphy & Dave Barclay)

New Robert Goddard series: James “Max” Maxted, a former British Great War flying ace, involved in the post-war turmoil in 1919

Jennifer Hillier: Sheila Tao, a psychology professor at Puget Sound State University, near Seattle, Washington, in the Serial Killer Files

Holly Goddard Jones: non-series

New Merry Jones series: Elle Harrison, an elementary school teacher in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Claire Kendal: non-series suspense

New Ward Larsen series: David Slaton, an Israeli-trained assassin known as a kidon

New Marco Malvaldi series: Pellegrino Artusi, Italy’s first celebrity chef, in Tuscany

Alyssa Maxwell: Emma Cross, a young second cousin to Cornelius Vanderbilt, working as a society page reporter, in 1890s Newport, Rhode Island, in the Gilded Newport mysteries

Luke McCallin: Gregor Reinhardt, a German military intelligence captain in Yugoslavia during World War II

Jon McGoran: Doyle Carrick, a Philadelphia narcotics detective, and Nola Watkins, an organic farmer, in a series of eco-thrillers

Charley Memminger: Stryker McBride, a former crime reporter living on an expensive houseboat, The Travis McGee, in Hawaii

Bernard Minier: Martin Servaz, a police commandant from Toulouse, in the French Pyrenees

New Chris Nickson series: Tom Harper, a detective inspector in 1890s Leeds, England; Dan Markham, an enquiry agent in mid-1950s Leeds, England; Laura Benton, a music journalist beginning in late 1980s Seattle, Washington

E. Phillips Oppenheim: General Besserley, retired secret service officer from Washington, now in Monaco; ouis, a crippled veteran and maitre d’ of the Milan Hotel, and his friend Lyson, a retired army officer and journalist, in London, England

Gigi Pandian: Jaya Jones, a 30-something college history professor from San Francisco, California, searching for treasure around the world, in the Treasure Hunt mysteries; Zoe Faust, a centuries-old alchemist and herbalist, and her gargoyle sidekick, in Portland, Oregon

Kate Parker: Georgia Fenchurch, an antiquarian bookseller and member of the Archivist Society, a secret association of private investigators, in Victorian London, England, in the Victorian Bookshop mysteries

Penny Pike: Darcy Burnette, a downsized San Francisco restaurant reviewer working at her aunt Abby's Big Yellow School Bus food truck in the Food Festival mysteries (Penny Warner pseudonym)

Carole Price: Caitlyn (Cait) Tilson Pepper, an Ohio cop who inherits a vineyard with two Shakespearean theaters, near Livermore, California, in the Shakespeare in the Vineyard mysteries

Lori Rader-Day: non-series

Ann Rule: Ann Rule’s Crime Files; true crime

Ashwin Sanghi: non-series mythic-historical-conspiracy thrillers

N.P. Simpson: Fran Setliff, a young NCIS special agent, at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

Sharon L. Smith: Pete Culnane, a veteran police detective, in St. Paul, Minnesota

Sheri Cobb South: John Pickett, a Bow Street Runner, in Regency London, England

Linda Stasi: non-series

Triss Stein: Kay Engels, a nationally-known reporter based in Brooklyn, New York; Erica Donato, a young widow with a teenage daughter, working as an urban historian at a museum, in Brooklyn, New York

Adam Sternbergh: Spademan, a garbageman turned hitman, in a dystopian, post-bomb New York City

Roderick Thorp: Joe Leland, a burned-out ex-cop turned private investigator and security consultant, in fictional Port Smith in the northeast, and then in Los Angeles, California

Diane Vallere: Samantha Kidd, a former fashion buyer in New York turned amateur sleuth, returning to her home town, fictional Ribbon, Pennsylvania, in the Style & Error mysteries; Madison Night, an interior decorator who models her life on Doris Day, in Dallas, Texas, in the Mad for Mod mysteries; Polyester “Poly” Monroe, a dress designer inheriting her family’s textile store, in fictional San Ladrón, California, in the Material Witness mysteries


Authors and Characters Added in June 2014

New Jo Bannister series: Gabriel Ash, a grief-stricken recovering mental patient, and Hazel Best, a young police constable, in Norbold, England

DD Barant: Jace Valchek, an FBI profiler who hunts killers in a world where only one percent of the population is human, in the Bloodhound Files urban fantasy series (Don DeBrandt pseudonym)

William D. Blankenship: Kay Williams, an international antiques dealer based in Connecticut

Leigh Brackett: non-series crime fiction

Jackie Chance: Belinda Cooley, known as “Bee Cool,” a high-stakes poker player, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and elsewhere (Linda Zimmerhanzel pseudonym)

Donn Cortez: Crime Scene Investigation novels; Jack Salter, a killer who hunts down serial killers (Don DeBrandt pseudonym)

Christopher R. Cox: Shamus nominee for best first novel

New Judith Cutler series: Jodie Welsh, a city career woman now married to a country vicar in Lesser Hogben, England

Marc Dugain: non-series crime fiction

Dawn Eastman: Clyde Fortune, on leave from the Ann Arbor police department, in fictional Crystal Haven, a small psychic-obsessed town in western Michigan, in the Family Fortune mysteries

Rory Flynn: Eddy Harkness, disgraced former head of Boston’s police drug squad, now emptying parking meters in Nagog, Massachusetts; non-series thrillers, capers, and apocalyptic novels, written as Stona Fitch

S.J. Gazan: biological science thrillers

Rashad Harrison: non-series historical mysteries

Rebecca James: non-series crime fiction

April Kelly & Marsha Lyons: Maureen O’Brien and Blake Ervansky, police sergeants and later private investigators, in Los Angeles, California

New Mary Kennedy series: Taylor Blake, a business consultant in dream interpretation, returning to Savannah, Georgia, in the Dream Club mysteries

Dana King: Ben Doc Dougherty and Willie Grabek, police detectives in the rural town of Penns River, Pennsylvania; Nick Forte, a private investigator around Chicago, Illinois

New Janice Law series: Francis Bacon, a gay artist, beginning as an air raid warden in World War II London, England

Elizabeth Lee: Lindy Blanchard, working on the family pecan farm and at the Nut House selling pecan treats in Riverville, Texas, in the Nut House mysteries (Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli pseudonym)

Dixie Lyle: Deirdre “Foxtrot” Lancaster, assistant to a wealthy eccentric, her reincarnated cat Tango, and Whiskey, a shape-shifting dog in the Whiskey, Tango & Foxtrot paranormal mystery series (Don DeBrandt pseudonym)

Edith Maxwell: Cameron (Cam) Flaherty, an organic farmer taking over her great-uncle’s farm, in rural Massachusetts, in the Local Foods mysteries

M. Ruth Myers: Maggie Sullivan, a private investigator in 1930s Dayton, Ohio

Daniel Pyne: non-series thrillers

Robert Raker: non-series

Mark Sanderson: Johnny Steadman, an investigative journalist, and Matt Turner, a detective constable at Snow Hill police station, in mid-1930s, London, England

Saskia Sarginson: non-series suspense and thrillers

Tina Seskis: non-series crime fiction

Patricia Stoltey: Sylvia Thorn, a circuit court judge in Palm Beach County, Florida

Wendy Tyson: Allison Campbell, an image consultant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Delilah Percy Powers, owner of an all-female detective agency, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (written as W.A. Tyson)


Authors and Characters Added in May 2014

M.J. Arlidge: Helen Grace, a detective inspector in the south of England

Adam Brookes: non-series spy thrillers

Andrew Brown: Eberard Februarie, a police detective in the Cape Winelands of South Africa

New Mary Higgins Clark & Alafair Burke series: Laurie Moran, creator of a cold case reality drama, Under Suspicion

Richard A. Clarke: non-series political-military thrillers

Michael Craven: non-series mysteries

Mason Cross: Carter Blake, a pseudonymous professional who finds people who don’t want to be found

Chris Culver: Ash Rashid, a reluctant homicide detective and practicing Muslim, in Indianapolis, Indiana

Jen J. Danna: Leigh Abbott, a state police homicide detective, and Matt Lowell, a forensic anthropologist, in in Massachusetts [written with Ann Vanderlaan]

Christine DeSmet: Ava Oosterling, owner of an old-fashioned fudge shop in Door County, Wisconsin, on the shores of Lake Michigan, in the Fudge Shop mysteries

Joël Dicker: non-series thrillers

Sean Ferrell: non-series sci-fi mysteries

Paul Finch: Mark “Heck” Heckenberg, a detective sergeant from Manchester, transplanted to the Serial Crimes Unit at Scotland Yard, in London, England

John Florio: Jersey Leo, an albino of mixed race working as a bartender at a mob-run speakeasy, in Prohibition-era Hell’s Kitchen, New York City

David Freed: Cordell Logan, a retired military assassin, civilian flight instructor, and would-be Buddhist, based in fictional Rancho Bonita, California

Rachel Howzell Hall: Elouise “Lou” Norton, a black woman homicide detective known as “Lockjaw”, in Los Angeles, California

New Sophie Hannah series: Hercule Poirot, a Belgian private detective in London, England, created by Agatha Christie, in a followup series authorized by Christie’s family

James R. Hannibal: Nick Baron, leading his covert Triple Seven Chase Team in a military techno-thriller series

Kim Harrison: Rachel Morgan, a bounty hunter and witch, in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the Hollows urban fantasy, mystery, horror series

Peter Heller: non-series

Mark Henshaw: Kyra Stryker and Jonathan Burke, working in the Red Cell, the CIA’s out-of-the-box think tank, in Langley, Virginia

New David Hewson series: Pieter Vos, a former police detective whose daughter disappeared, in Amsterdam, Holland

Jo A. Hiestand: Brenna Taylor, a detective inspector, and Chief Inspector Geoffrey Graham, in Derbyshire, England; Michael McLaren, an ex-cop brought back in to solve cold cases, in Derbyshire, England

Antonio Hill: Héctor Salgado, a transplanted Argentine police inspector, in Barcelona, Spain

Antonia Hodgson: Tom Hawkins, a country parson’ son in a debtors’ prison, in 1720s London, England

Chris F. Holm: Sam Thornton, collector of souls of the damned, in an urban fantasy crime pulp series

Jonathan Holt: Kat Tapo, a captain in the Carabiniere, unraveling a conspiracy between the CIA and the Catholic Church, in Venice, Italy, in the Carnivia trilogy

Arlene Hunt: Sarah Kenny and John Quigley, private investigators at QuicK Investigations, in Dublin, Ireland

New John McFetridge series: Eddie Dougherty, a young beat cop in 1970s Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Yannick Murphy: non-series literary suspense

New Chris Nickson series: John, an itinerant carpenter orphaned by the Black Death, in 1360s Chesterfield, England

Howard Norman: non-series literary-criminious novels

Andrew Peterson: Nathan McBride, a Marine Corps scout sniper and CIA operations officer

Robert Pobi: non-series thrillers

Kate Racculia: non-series mysteries

Todd Robinson: non-series mysteries

Rose Senehi: non-series suspense and mystery set in the southern Blue Ridge Mountains

Anna Smith: Rosie Gilmour, a tabloid journalist, in 1990s Glasgow, Scotland

Abbie Taylor: non-series thrillers

Lesley Thomson: Stella Darnell, accidental detective and CEO of a cleaning company, Clean Slate, in London, England, in the Detective’s Daughter series

Christine Trent: Violet Harper, an undertaker in 1860s Victorian London, England, in the Lady of Ashes series

Jan Elizabeth Watson: non-series suspense

Edward Wilson: non-series Cold War spy fiction

Juli Zeh: non-series suspense and thrillers


Authors and Characters Added in April 2014

Corban Addison: non-series thrillers addressing international human rights issues

John Altman: non-series thrillers

New Lin Anderson series: Patrick de Courvoisier, a private detective and his dog Oscar, living on a converted gunboat, in Cannes, France

John Brooke: Aliette Nouvelle, a single, 35-year old police inspector aiming for Commissaire, in an unnamed medium-sized city in Alsace, later the Midi, in France

John Bude: William Meredith, a police inspector, in England; Inspector Green, in England; Inspector Sherwood, in England

New Chelsea Cain series: Kick Lannigan, kidnapped at age six and trained as a marksman, lock picker, escape artist, and bomb maker by her abductor, now working to track down kidnapped children

New Dorothy Cannell series: Florence Norris, housekeeper at Mullings, the Stodmarsh family estate, in 1930s England

Steph Cha: Juniper Song, a Korean American Philip Marlowe fan and amateur (later apprentice) sleuth, in Los Angeles, California

New Douglas Corleone series: Simon Fisk, a former US Marshal working as a private contractor to find kidnapped children

New Charles Cumming series: Thomas Kell, a disgraced MI-6 officer, given a chance to redeem himself

New Hannah Dennison series: Kat Stanford, a TV celebrity, and her widowed mother Iris, living in a delapidated carriage house on the Honeychurch Hall country estate in Devon, England

New Anne Frasier series: Elise Sandburg, a homicide detective in Savannah, Georgia

Samantha Hayes: Lorraine Fisher, a detective inspector in England

New Keigo Higashino series: Kyochiro Kaga, a police detective in the Metropolitan Police Department's First Investigative Division, in Tokyo, Japan

New Steve Hockensmith & Lisa Falco series: Alanis McLachlan, inheriting The White Magic Five & Dime, a new-age shop, from her estranged mother, in Berdache, Arizona, in the Tarot mysteries

New Mary Ellen Hughes series: Piper Lamb, owner of Piper's Picklings, a pickle store in the small town of Cloverdale, New York, in the Pickled and Preserved series

Siri Hustvedt: non-series literary suspense

Karen Keskinen: Jaymie Zarlin, a private investigator in Santa Barbara, California

Ted Lewis: Jack Carter, a mob hit-man in London, England

Charlie Lovett: non-series literary mysteries

New Stuart MacBride series: Ash Henderson, a detective constable in fictional Oldcastle, Scotland

New Becky Masterman series: Brigid Quinn, a former FBI agent who hunted sexual predators, retired in Tucson, Arizona

Richard Matheson: non-series noir

New Val McDermid series: Detective Inspector Karen Pirie, head of the Cold Case squad in Fife, Scotland

New Scott Phillips series: Bill Ogden, a frontier photographer and libertine, beginning in 1872

Cate Price: Daisy Buchanan, owner of Sometimes a Great Notion, a quirky shop silling sewing supplies, antiques, and jewelry, in the quaint village of Millbury, Pennsylvania, in the Deadly Notions mysteries

New Thatcher Robinson series: Bai Jiang, a prominent female 30-something Chinatown people-finder, in San Francisco, California, in the White Ginger mysteries

New Marcus Sakey series: Nick Cooper, a federal agent “brilliant” with the ability to read body language so easily that he knows what people are thinking, what they will do next, and when they are lying, in The Brilliance Saga

New L.J. Sellers series: Jamie Dallas, an FBI agent specializing in undercover assignments, based in Phoenix, Arizona

Barbara Taylor Sissel: non-series mysteries

New Susan Slater series: Dan Mahoney, an insurance investigator in New Mexico

Allan Topol: Craig Page, a former CIA agent fighting terrorism in Europe and elsewhere

Mark Troy: Val Lyon, an ex-cop, ex-con, former pro basketball player turned private investigator, in Honolulu, Hawaii; Ava Rome, a former Army investigator, now a private investigator in Honolulu, Hawaii

New Lea Wait series: Angie Curtis, returning home to Haven Harbor, Maine, in the Mainely Needlepoint mysteries

New Timothy Williams series: Anne Marie Laveaud, a French-Algerian judge in 1980s-1990s, in the French Caribbean département of Guadeloupe

Colin Wilson: Gerard Sorme, a modern Jack the Ripper, in London, England; Gregory Saltfleet, a police inspector in London, England; true crime

S.G. Wong: Lola Starke, a private investigator, and her ghostly helper, Aubrey, in a mid-1930s alternative history where ghosts are tethered to the living and the Chinese dominate Hollywood


Authors and Characters Added in March 2014

Brynn Bonner: Sophreena McClure, a genealogist and her business partner Esme Sabatier, a psychic, in fictional Morningside, North Carolina, in the Family History mysteries

Amanda Carmack: Kate Haywood, a musician for royalty and a friend of young Princess Elizabeth, in mid-16th century England

Vaughn Entwistle: The Paranormal Casebooks of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Susan Hasler: Maddie James, part of a team of terrorism experts working in a crumbling intelligence agency in a post-9/11 world

Marco Malvaldi: Massimo, the owner of Bar Lume, and an ensemble cast of barflies, in a small coastal resort town near Pisa, Italy, in the Bar Lume series

Lawrence Osborne: non-series suspense

Suzanne Rindell: non-series

Sofie Ryan: Sarah Grayson, owner of Second Chance, a shop in the oceanfront town of North Harbor, Maine, and her adopted cat Elvis, in the Second Chance Cat mysteries (Sofie Kelly pseudonym)

Christine Wenger: Trixie Matkowski, taking over her aunt’s Silver Bullet Diner, in a small town in upstate New York, in the Comfort Food mysteries

Elizabeth Wilson: Justine Hillyard and Myra Zone, investigating murders in England


Authors and Characters Added in February 2014

Marc Cameron: Jericho Quinn, a special agent working for a secret agency combatting international terrorism

Gwen Florio: Lola Wicks, a foreign correspondent living in Magpie, Montana, after being downsized from her job in Kabul

New Amanda Flower series: Andora “Andi” Boggs, a 12-year-old science geek living with her older sister Bethany and their eccentric twenty-something aunt in a series for young adults

New Naomi Hirahara series: Ellie Rush, a Japanese-American rookie LAPD bicycle cop in Los Angeles, California

Kendel Lynn: Elliott Lisbon, the director of the Ballantyne Foundation, and a mostly amateur sleuth, studying for her private investigator license, on Sea Pine Island, South Carolina

Lynne Raimondo: Mark Angelotti, a psychologist who became blind due to a genetic disorder, in Chicago, Illinois

New Johnny Shaw series: Jimmy Veeder, a semi-reformed brawler in the desert of Southern California, near the Calexico/Mexicali border

LynDee Walker: Nichelle Clarke, an intrepid crime reporter, in a small town on the coast of Virginia, in the Headlines in Heels mysteries

New Sally Wright series: Jo Grant, an architect who returns home in 1962 to Lexington, Kentucky, to run the family broodmare farm


Authors and Characters Added in January 2014

E.R. Brown: Tate MacLane, a 15-year-old trying to support his family who gets involved in growing medical marijuana in rural British Columbia, Canada, in the Crime in Cascadia mysteries

New Stephen Frey series: Troy Jensen, an operative for Red Cell Seven, a highly classified intelligence agency tasked with protecting America from the most catastrophic of terrorist attacks

Michael Hiebert: Abe Teal, the 11-year-old narrator, and his mother Leah, a widowed police officer, in late 1980s fictional Alvin, Alabama

Jens Lapidus: Stockholm Noir trilogy featuring the criminal underground in Stockholm, Sweden

Lisa Moore: non-series literary/psychological thrillers

Jan Merete Weiss: Natalia Monte, a captain in the Carabinieri, in Naples, Italy