What’s New

Authors and Characters Added in April 2018

Amanda Allen: Madeline “Maddie” Vaughn-Alwin, a war widow and artist moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the 1920s, in the Santa Fe Revival mysteries (Amanda Carmack pseudonym)

New Jay Brandon series: Edward Hall, a former defense attorney convicted of evidence tampering in Houston, Texas

New Glenn Cooper series: Cal Donovan, a Harvard Divinity school professor of religious history and archeology investigating religious conspiracies

Luca D’Andrea: non-series

New Amanda Flower series: Fiona Knox, after losing her fiancé and her flower shop, inherits her godfather’s cottage and magical garden, in Duncreigan, Scotland, in the Magic Garden mysteries

Mariah Fredericks: Jane Prescott, a lady’s maid in 1910s New York City; non-series mysteries for young adults

New David Krugler series: Lt. Ellis Voigt, a young naval intelligence officer in post-WWII Washington, DC, and New Mexico

New Gerard O’Donovan series: Tom Collins, an Irish imigrant and former New York City cop working as a private investigator in 1920s Hollywood, California

New Derek B. Miller series: Sigrid Ødegård, a chief inspector in Oslo, Norway

New Donna Morrissey series: the Now family in rural Newfoundland, Canada

K.R. Richardson: Eric Matheson, a rookie cop, and Inspector J. P. Dillal, the cybernetically enhanced Chief Investigating Forensic Officer, on the coroporate-owned planet Gattis, in the Gattis File series (Kat Richardson pen name)

New Joel C. Rosenberg series: J.B. Collins, a New York Times foreign correspondent

New David Rosenfelt series: Doug Brock, a New Jersey state police officer

New Andrew Taylor series: James Marwood, son of a traitor and a government informer under Charles I, in 1660s London, England, in the Ashes of London series

New Christine Trent series: Florence Nightingale, Superintendent of the Establishment for Gentlewomen During Temporary Illness in 1850s London

Andrew Wilson: Agatha Christie, the mystery author, beginning in December 1926 England


Authors and Characters Added in March 2018

Allison Brook: Carrie Singleton, head of programs at the library, with its own ghost librarian, in Clover Ridge, Connecticut, in the Haunted Library mysteries (Marilyn Levinson pseudonym)

V.M. Burns: Samantha Washington, opening a mystery bookshop, in North Harbor, Michigan, on the shores of Lake Michigan; RJ Franklin Jr., a homicide detective, in St. Joseph, Indiana; Lilly Echosby, a CPA enrolling her toy poodle, Agatha Christie, at the Eastern Tennessee Dog Club

New Barbara Cleverly series: John Redfyre, a college-educated WWI veteran, and a newly hired detective inspector, in 1920s Cambridge, England

New Anthony Horowitz series: Anthony Horowitz, a celebrated novelist, and Daniel Hawthorne, a disgraced yet brilliant detective inspector, working together to turn real life cases into books

Marilyn Levinson: Lydia Krause, a retired businesswoman, in the Twin Lakes mysteries; Lexie Driscoll, a college professor leading the Golden Age Mystery Book Club, in Old Canfield, on Long Island, New York

New Phillip Margolin series: Robin Lockwood, a young lawer, and her mentor and boss Regina Barrister

New Brad Meltzer series: Jim “Zig” Zigarowski, a mortician working on the government's top-secret and high-profile cases at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware

New Clare O’Donohue series: Hollis and Finn Larsson, married college professors from Michigan who accept literary investigations from the CIA in the World of Spies series

New Anne Perry series: Daniel Pitt, son of Thomas and Charlotte and a junior barrister in 1910s London, England


Authors and Characters Added January–February 2018

R.J. Bailey: Sam Wylde, a female “personal protection officer” (bodyguard) of the rich and powerful, in the UK and Europe (joint pseudonym of Robert Ryan and wife)

Sarah Bailey: Gemma Woodstock, the lead homicide investigator in rural Smithson, New South Wales, Australia

Susan Alice Bickford: non-series

Angela Clarke: Freddie Venton, starting a journalism career, and her friend Nasreen Cudmore, a police officer, in London, England

Ron Corbett: Frank Yakabuski, a detective with the Springfield Regional Police, on the Northern Divide in Canada

K.J. Howe: Thea Paris, an elite kidnap negotiator and ransom specialist with Quantum Security International

Sheena Kamal: Nora Watts, a homeless research assistant for an attorney in Vancouver, Canada:

Deborah E. Kennedy: non-series

Winnie M. Li: non-series

H.B. Lyle: Wiggins, an ex-soldier trained as a child by Sherlock Holmes, serving as a British spy in 1909

Anna Mazzola: non-series historical mysteries

Gin Phillips: non-series thrillers

Emily Ruskovich: non-series

Joanna Schaffhausen: non-series

New James Swain series: Billy Cunningham, a conman in Las Vegas, Nevada

Gabriel Tallent: non-series

Wendall Thomas: Cyd Redondo, a young, third-generation Brooklyn travel agent specializing in senior citizens, based in New York City

Nancy Tingley: Jenna Murphy, a young Asian art curator at a Marin County museum, and amateur sleuth, based in California

Kathleen Valenti: Maggie O’Malley, a young pharmaceutical researcher at Rxcellance

Emily Winslow: Chloe Frohmann, a detective inspector, and her partner Morris Keene, a detective chief inspector, in Cambridge, England