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Authors and Characters Added in March 2020

New Robert Bailey series: Bocephus Haynes, a small town Tennessee lawyer

Sarah Gailey: non-series magical mystery

Tanen Jones: non-series

New Mary Logue series: Brigid and Seamus Reardon, teenagers sent by their impoverished Irish parents to America in 1880, ending up in Deadwood, South Dakota

New Andrew Mayne series: Sloan McPherson, a diver employed by the Lauderdale, Florida, police department to recover corpses and evidence, in the Underwater Investigation Unit series

New Tara Moss series: Billie Walker, a former war correspondent working as a private inquiry agent in 1940s Sydney, Australia

Ilaria Tuti: Teresa Battaglia, a veteran police superintendant in her mid-60s with expertise in criminal profiling, in the Italian Alps


Authors and Characters Added in February 2020

Adam Abramowitz: Zesty Meyers, a bike messenger and wannabe stand-up comic, in Boston, Massachusetts, in the Bosstown series

Bernadette Calonego: non-series

Hannelore Cayre: non-series

Layne Fargo: non-series thrillers

New Oliver Harris series: Elliot Kane, a MI6 operative specializing in the Middle East

Cara Hunter: Adam Fawley, a detective inspector, in Oxford, England

John Marrs: non-series thrillers


Authors and Characters Added in January 2020

Jessica Barry: non-series

New Simon Brett series: Ellen Curtis, who helps people who are running out of space, in the Decluttering mysteries

L.A. Chandlar: Lane Sanders, a 23-year-old personal aide to Mayor La Guardia, in mid-1930s New York City, in the Art Deco mysteries

New Cassandra Clark series: Brother Chandler, spying for Henry Bolingbroke, King Richard’s cousin, in 1399 London, England

Samantha Downing: non-series

Avery Duff: Robert Worth, a lawyer in Santa Monica, later setting up shop on the Venice Beach boardwalk, California, in the Beach Lawyer series

New Margaret Dumas series: Nora Paige, who flees Hollywood to take refuge at the Palace theater in San Francisco, California, after her movie-star husband leaves her for his latest co-star, in the Movie Palace mysteries

Susan Furlong: Nola Harper, who returns to her childhood home of Cays Mill, Georgia, to run the family peach farm in the Georgia Peach mysteries; Brynn Callahan, a deputy sheriff with PTSD in Bone Gap, Tennessee, and Wilco, her three-legged cadaver dog, both invalided out of the Marines, in the Bone Gap Travellers series

New Elsa Hart series: Cecily Kay, with a passion for plants that brings her to Barnaby Mayne’s house, in 1703 London, England

New Darynda Jones series: Sunshine Vicram, the sheriff in her home town, Del Sol, New Mexico

Juris Jurjevics: non-series

Ward Just: non-series

Kathy Krevat: Colbie Summers, moving back in with her father, with her 12-year-old son and cat Trouble, in Sunnyside, California, in the Gourmet Cat mysteries; Michelle Serrano and Erica Russell, running a combined bookstore and chocolate shop, in West Riverdale, Maryland, in the Chocolate Covered mysteries (written as Kathy Aarons)

New Eric Van Lustbader series: Evan Ryde, a lone wolf field agent for a black-ops arm of the Defense Department, up against a mysterious cabal known as Nemesis

Hubert Monteilhet: non-series

S.C. Perkins: Lucy Lancaster, a genealogist solving murders past and present, in Austin, Texas, in the Ancestry Detective series

Ang Pompano: non-series

Lara Prescott: non-series

Adam O’Fallon Price: non-series

Lissa Marie Redmond: Lauren Riley, a cold case homicide detective, in Buffalo, New York, in the Cold Case Investigation series

Marcie R. Rendon: Cash Blackbear, a 19-year-old Ojibwe, investigating with her friend Sheriff Wheaton, in the Red River country around Fargo, North Dakota, and Moorehead, Minnesota

New Joel C. Rosenberg series: Marcus Ryker, a former Secret Agent working undercover for the CIA

Emma Rowley: non-series psychological thrillers

New Michael Sears series: Ted Malloy, a former high-powered Manhattan lawyer now scraping by as a foreclosure profiteer, in Queens, New York City

Sol Stein: George Thomassy, a criminal defense lawyer in New York City

New Sarah Stewart Taylor series: Maggie D’arcy, a homicide detective on Long Island, New York, returning to Dublin, Ireland, to search for her missing cousin

Grace Topping: Laura Bishop, a home stager, in a small town in Pennsylvania

Gabriel Valjan: Alabaster Black, alias Bianca Nerini, a forensic accountant formerly with a covert US organization, and Dante, an investigator and amateur archaeologist, in Rome and elsewhere in Italy; Jack Marshall, station chief for The Company (CIA), beginning in 1948 Vienna, Austria, in The Company Files; Shane Cleary, a private investigator, in the mid-1970s, in the South End of Boston, Massachusetts

Carl Vonderau: non-series


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