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Authors and Characters Added in November 2020

Kent Anderson: Hanson, starting with the Special Forces in 1968 Vietnam, later a police officer in 1970s Portland, Oregon and in 1980s Oakland, California

Leo W. Banks: Prospero “Whip” Stark, a former major league pitcher now living with a group of outcasts in his desert trailer park, in Arizona

Camilla Bruce: non-series

Matthew Carr: non-series historical thrillers

Scott Carson: non-series horror-thrillers (Michael Koryta pseudonym)

Natalie Conyer: Schalk Lourens, a veteran cop in Cape Town, South Africa

New Douglas Corleone series: Riley Vasher, a documentary filmaker in Oahu, Hawaii with her partner, camerman Brody Quinlan

S.A. Cosby: non-series

A.J. Cross: Dr. Kate Hanson, a forensic psychologist working with the Unsolved Crime Unit, in Birmingham, England; Dr. Will Traynor, a criminologist, and detective inspector Bernard Watts of the West Midlands police, in England

Chad Dundas: non-series set partly in Montana

Eva García Sáenz: Unai López de Ayala, known as “Kraken”, a police inspector investigating a series of ritualistic murders, in the Basque country of Spain

C.M. Gleason: the Marina Alexander adventures of international intrigue and lost treasures; the Lincoln’s White House mysteries, set in 1861 Washington, DC

Serena Kent: Penelope Kite, an English ex-pat medical assistant, living in St. Merlot, in the south of France

Volker Kutscher: Gereon Rath, a police detective during the Weimar Republic, starting in 1929 Berlin, Germany

New Graham Masterton series: Sissy Sawyer, a 67-year-old fortune teller who helps solve crimes; Jerry Pardoe, a detective constable, and Jamila Patel, a detective sergeant, of the supernatural squad in London, England, in a horror-thriller series

Petronella McGovern: non-series thrillers set mostly in Australia

Eliza Nellums: non-series

Riku Onda: non-series

Khurrum Rahman: Javid (Jay) Qasim, a British-born Muslim and unlikely MI-5 secret agent living in the Hounslow area of West London, England

Angela M. Sanders: Joanna Hayworth, a vintage clothing store owner, in Portland, Oregon, in the Vintage Clothing mysterie; a ragtag bunch of former petty criminals in a retirement home, in the Booster Club Capers, Josie Way, formerly working at the Library of Congress, with newly discovered magical abilities, as the new librarian in fictional Wilfred, Oregon; written as Clover Tate: Emmy Adler, owner of a kite shop, in the beachside community of Rock Point, Oregon

Michael Shea: non-series political thrillers, some futuristic, some written as Michael Sinclair

Douglas Skelton: Davie McCall, a gangster working for Joe “the Tailor” Klein, starting in 1980s Glasgow, Scotland; Dominic Queste, a maverick private investigator who finds lost souls, in Glasgow, Scotland; Rebecca Connolly, an investigative reporter for the Highland Chronicle, in Scotland

Stephen Spotswood: Willowjean “Will” Parker, assistant to private investigator Lillian Pentecost, beginning in 1942 New York City

New Dorothy St. James series: Trudell Beckett, a librarian in Cypress, South Carolina, in the Beloved Bookroom series

Maryla Szymiczkowa: Zofia Turbotynska, a 38-year-old professor’s wife and amateur sleuth, in 1890s Cracow, Poland

Ian Williams: Chuck Drayton, a reluctant American cyber sleuth in China and elsewhere

Suzanne M. Wolfe: Nicholas Holt, a tavern owner and spy working for Sir Francis Walsingham in 1580s England, in the Elizabethan Spy mysteries


Authors and Characters Added in October 2020

New Steve Berry & M.J. Rose series: The Cassiopeia Vitt adventures

New Christina Dodd series: Evelyn (Evie) Jones, an 18-year-old working for a man in his isolated mountain home in small-town Alaska

Alice Feeney: non-series psychological thrillers

Seraphina Nova Glass: non-series psychological thrillers

Alex Pavesi: non-series

James Queally: Russell Avery, former crime reporter for the Newark Signal-Intelligencer now working as a private detective in Newark, New Jersey

Ed Ruggero: Mark Isen, an army captain in the Korean war, later a major in the 82nd paratroopers, in a military thriller series; Eddie Harkins, a former Philadelphia street cop serving as a Military Police lieutenant, beginning in 1943 Sicily

New Joanna Schaffhausen series: Annalisa Vega, a police detective working on cold cases

New P.J. Tracy series: Margaret Nolan, a police detective, and Sam Easton, an Afghanistan veteran and murder suspect, in Los Angeles, California


Authors and Characters Added in September 2020

Megan Angelo: non-series

D.A. Bartley: Abish Taylor, the sole police detective in Pleasant View, Utah

JP Gritton: non-series

Liz Ireland: April Claus, married to Nick Claus, at the North Pole (Liz Freeland pseudonym)

Heidi James: non-series

David Koepp: non-series

Kris Lackey: Bill Maytubby, a Lighthorse policeman of the Chickasaw Nation, and Hannah Bond, a Johnston County sheriff’s deputy, in Oklahoma

Soji Shimada: Kiyoshi Mitarai, astrologer, fortuneteller, and self-styled detective, who sets out to solve locked room mysteries that have baffled Japan

Paul Vidich: George Mueller, a CIA agent in the 1950s

Erica Wright: Kathleen (Kat) Stone, a former NYPD undercover cop, now a private investigator, in New York City


Authors and Characters Added in August 2020

Julie Clark: non series

A.A. Dhand: Harry (Hardeep) Virdee, a detective inspector of Sikh heritage, in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England

Pip Drysdale: non series

Philippa East: non series

John Fairfax: William Benson, a criminal barrister and convicted murderer 16 years ago, and solicitor Tess de Vere, opening his own Chambers, in London, England (William Brodrick pseudonym)

Nick Gadd: non-series

New John Grisham series: Jake Brigance, a lawyer in Clanton, Mississippi, beginning in the late 1980s

Alis Hawkins: Harry Probert-Lloyd, a visually impaired barrister acting as coroner, and his assistant, law clerk John Davies, in mid-1800s Wales, in the Teifi Valley Coroner series

Ani Katz: non-series

Robin Morgan-Bentley: non-series

Olga Tokarczuk: non-series

Trevor Wood: Jimmy Mullen, a homeless veteran grappling with PTSD, turned sleuth and vigilante, in Newcastle, England


Authors and Characters Added in July 2020

New Tom Bradby series: Kate Henderson, a senior MI-6 officer in the UK and Europe

Michael Christie: non-series

New Hannah Dennison series: Evie Mead, a recent widow who inherited her husband's debts and Tregarrick Rock, an old hotel in the Scilly Isles off the coast of Cornwall, and her sister Margot Chandler, a Hollywood producer, in the Island Sisters mysteries

Michael Elias: non-series thrillers

Amy Engel: non-series thrillers; The Book of Ivy series, YA fantasy thrillers

New Gwen Florio series: Nora Best, just turning 50 and leaving a philandering husband behind to tour America in an Airstream trailer, starting in Wyoming

New Amanda Flower series: Darby Piper and Samantha Porter, partners in the Two Girls Detective Agency in Herrington, New York, in the Piper & Porter mysteries

New John Galligan series: Heidi Kick, the sheriff in Bad Axe County, Wisconsin

New Ashley Gardner series: Leonidas, a gladiator in the time of Nero, in ancient Rome (Jennifer Ashley pseudonym)

New Daryl Wood Gerber series: Courtney Kelly, owner of Open Your Imagination, a fairy garden and tea shop in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, in the Fairy Garden mysteries

M.L. Huie: Olivia “Livy” Nash, an English spy in Paris during WWII, and afterwards working for Ian Fleming’s espionage unit created to fight the Cold War

New M.R.C. Kasasian series: Betty Church, an inspector in the East Suffolk Constabulary who lost a hand in the line of duty, beginning in 1939

Naomi Kritzer: Steph, a high school student, and her virtual friends on CatNet, an online chat room run by a disguised sentient Artificial Intelligence with a fondness for cat pictures, in a near future thriller series for young adults

S.L. McInnis: non-series

Caitlin Mullen: non-series

Steven Pressfield: non-series thrillers

Marsali Taylor: Cass Lynch, an expert sailor living on her boat Khalida, returning home to the Shetland Islands, and Gavin Macrae, a detective inspector in the Scottish Highlands, in the Shetland Sailing mysteries

New Aline Templeton series: Kelso Strang, a detective inspector, later DCI, in Edinburgh and elsewhere in Scotland


Authors and Characters Added in June 2020

Christopher Bollen: non-series

Jeffrey B. Burton: Drew Cady, an ex-FBI agent, being drawn back into old cases; Mason “Mace” Reid, a dog trainer and his team of cadaver dogs known as The Finders, in Chicago, Illinois, in the Mace Reid K-9 mysteries

New Anthony Horowitz series: Susan Ryeland, a London book editor, and the murder mysteries by Alan Conway featuring Atticus Pünd, a half Greek, half-German private detective in the 1950s

New Owen Laukkanen series: Mason Burke, an ex-con, Jess Winslow, a traumatized Afghanistan vet, and Lucy, Jess's emotional support service dog trained by Mason, in Deception Cove, Washington

New Bradford Morrow series: Will, a reformed literary forger whose speciality is the handwriting of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, in New York

Nalini Singh: non-series thrillers set in New Zealand

Russ Thomas: Adam Tyler, a detective sergeant running the South Yorkshire Cold Case Review Unit in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England


Authors and Characters Added in May 2020

Maggie Blackburn: Summer Merriweather, a Shakespeare professor who inherits her mother’s beachside bookstore, in Brigid’s Island, North Carolina (Mollie Cox Bryan pseudonym)

New Mollie Cox Bryan series: Brynn MacAlister, keeping cows and churning cheeses in bucolic Shenandoah Springs, Virginia, in the Buttermilk Creek mysteries

New Jen J. Danna series: Gemma Capello, a detective with the NYPD who specializes in hostage situations, in the NYPD Negotiators series

Maria DiRico: Mia Carina, working at Belle View, her father’s catering hall in Queens, New York, in the Catering Hall mysteries (Ellen Byron pseudonym)

New Michael Robotham series: Cyrus Haven, a British criminal psychologist, and Evie Cormac, a girl with no past discovered hiding in a secret room

New Tricia Fields series: Maggie Wise, a retired homicice detective now the host of a radio call-in show in Santa Cruz, Florida

Camilla Trinchieri: Nico Doyle, a former NYPD homicide detective, moves to his deceased wife's hometown of Gravigna in the Chianti region of Italy, in the Tuscan mysteries (Camilla T. Crespi pseudonym)


Authors and Characters Added in April 2020

New Garry Disher series: Paul Hirschhausen (Hirsch), a disgraced Adelaide detective sent to a once-cop station in dry farming country south of the Flinders Ranges, in South Australia

Rubem Fonseca: non-series

Liz Freeland: Louise Faulk, who becomes one of the first woman police officers, starting in 1913 New York City

New Victoria Gilbert series: Chapters Bed-and-Breakfast, a 1770 Beaufort, North Carolina inn transformed into a literary retreat in the Booklover’s B&B mysteries

Guillermo del Toro & Chuck Hogan: John Blackwood, an occult investigator in New York City, in the Blackwood Tapes series

Thomas King: Thumps DreadfulWater, a Cherokee ex-cop trying to make a living as a photographer in the small town of Chinook, somewhere in the northwestern US

Essie Lang: Shelby Cox, an editor returning to her hometown to take over her aunt's bookstore, in Alexandria Bay, in the Thousand Islands region of upstate New York, in the Castle Bookshop mysteries (Linda Wiken pseudonym)

Alex North: Amanda Beck, a detective in Featherbank, England (Steve Mosby pseudonym)

New T.R. Ragan series: Sawyer Brooks, a crime reporter in Sacramento, California

Linda Wiken: Jennifer “J.J.” Tanner, an event planner, and the Culinary Capers Dinner Club, in Burlington, Vermont

Lawrence Wright: non-series


Authors and Characters Added in March 2020

New Robert Bailey series: Bocephus Haynes, a small town Tennessee lawyer

Sarah Gailey: non-series magical mystery

Tanen Jones: non-series

New Mary Logue series: Brigid and Seamus Reardon, teenagers sent by their impoverished Irish parents to America in 1880, ending up in Deadwood, South Dakota

New Andrew Mayne series: Sloan McPherson, a diver employed by the Lauderdale, Florida, police department to recover corpses and evidence, in the Underwater Investigation Unit series

New Tara Moss series: Billie Walker, a former war correspondent working as a private inquiry agent in 1940s Sydney, Australia

Ilaria Tuti: Teresa Battaglia, a veteran police superintendant in her mid-60s with expertise in criminal profiling, in the Italian Alps


Authors and Characters Added in February 2020

Adam Abramowitz: Zesty Meyers, a bike messenger and wannabe stand-up comic, in Boston, Massachusetts, in the Bosstown series

Bernadette Calonego: non-series

Hannelore Cayre: non-series

Layne Fargo: non-series thrillers

New Oliver Harris series: Elliot Kane, a MI6 operative specializing in the Middle East

Cara Hunter: Adam Fawley, a detective inspector, in Oxford, England

John Marrs: non-series thrillers


Authors and Characters Added in January 2020

Jessica Barry: non-series

New Simon Brett series: Ellen Curtis, who helps people who are running out of space, in the Decluttering mysteries

L.A. Chandlar: Lane Sanders, a 23-year-old personal aide to Mayor La Guardia, in mid-1930s New York City, in the Art Deco mysteries

New Cassandra Clark series: Brother Chandler, spying for Henry Bolingbroke, King Richard’s cousin, in 1399 London, England

Samantha Downing: non-series

Avery Duff: Robert Worth, a lawyer in Santa Monica, later setting up shop on the Venice Beach boardwalk, California, in the Beach Lawyer series

New Margaret Dumas series: Nora Paige, who flees Hollywood to take refuge at the Palace theater in San Francisco, California, after her movie-star husband leaves her for his latest co-star, in the Movie Palace mysteries

Susan Furlong: Nola Harper, who returns to her childhood home of Cays Mill, Georgia, to run the family peach farm in the Georgia Peach mysteries; Brynn Callahan, a deputy sheriff with PTSD in Bone Gap, Tennessee, and Wilco, her three-legged cadaver dog, both invalided out of the Marines, in the Bone Gap Travellers series

New Elsa Hart series: Cecily Kay, with a passion for plants that brings her to Barnaby Mayne’s house, in 1703 London, England

New Darynda Jones series: Sunshine Vicram, the sheriff in her home town, Del Sol, New Mexico

Juris Jurjevics: non-series

Ward Just: non-series

Kathy Krevat: Colbie Summers, moving back in with her father, with her 12-year-old son and cat Trouble, in Sunnyside, California, in the Gourmet Cat mysteries; Michelle Serrano and Erica Russell, running a combined bookstore and chocolate shop, in West Riverdale, Maryland, in the Chocolate Covered mysteries (written as Kathy Aarons)

New Eric Van Lustbader series: Evan Ryde, a lone wolf field agent for a black-ops arm of the Defense Department, up against a mysterious cabal known as Nemesis

Hubert Monteilhet: non-series

S.C. Perkins: Lucy Lancaster, a genealogist solving murders past and present, in Austin, Texas, in the Ancestry Detective series

Ang Pompano: non-series

Lara Prescott: non-series

Adam O’Fallon Price: non-series

Lissa Marie Redmond: Lauren Riley, a cold case homicide detective, in Buffalo, New York, in the Cold Case Investigation series

Marcie R. Rendon: Cash Blackbear, a 19-year-old Ojibwe, investigating with her friend Sheriff Wheaton, in the Red River country around Fargo, North Dakota, and Moorehead, Minnesota

New Joel C. Rosenberg series: Marcus Ryker, a former Secret Agent working undercover for the CIA

Emma Rowley: non-series psychological thrillers

New Michael Sears series: Ted Malloy, a former high-powered Manhattan lawyer now scraping by as a foreclosure profiteer, in Queens, New York City

Sol Stein: George Thomassy, a criminal defense lawyer in New York City

New Sarah Stewart Taylor series: Maggie D’arcy, a homicide detective on Long Island, New York, returning to Dublin, Ireland, to search for her missing cousin

Grace Topping: Laura Bishop, a home stager, in a small town in Pennsylvania

Gabriel Valjan: Alabaster Black, alias Bianca Nerini, a forensic accountant formerly with a covert US organization, and Dante, an investigator and amateur archaeologist, in Rome and elsewhere in Italy; Jack Marshall, station chief for The Company (CIA), beginning in 1948 Vienna, Austria, in The Company Files; Shane Cleary, a private investigator, in the mid-1970s, in the South End of Boston, Massachusetts

Carl Vonderau: non-series


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