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Authors and Characters Added in September 2021

Anna Bailey: non-series

Kate Belli: Genevieve Stewart, a society girl-turned-investigative journalist, and wealthy Daniel McCaffrey, starting in 1888 New York City, in the Gilded Gotham mysteries

Ginger Bolton: Emily Westhill, running a donut shop with her retired police chief father-in-law, and her tabby cat, Deputy Donut, in Fallingbrook, Wisconsin, in the Deputy Donut mysteries (Janet Bolin pseudonym)

Bryan Christy: non-series

Elle Cosimano: Finlay Donavan, a single-mother of two small children, struggling to make ends meet, finish her next novel, and quash the rumor that she is a killer-for-hire, in Virginia; the Nearly Gone YA urban thriller series

Paul Herron: non-series

New Kate Kingsbury series: Vivian Wainwright, a middle-aged widow running the Misty Bay Tearoom, an English-accented shop on the Oregon coast

Richard O’Rawe: James “Ructions” O’Hare, an ex-IRA soldier with a talent for bank robbery, starting in 2004 Ireland

Jesse Q. Sutanto: Meddelin “Meddy” Chan, and her Chinese-Indonesian family in comedy-thrillers set in greater Los Angeles, California; YA romantic thrillers in the Obsession series, set in a private school in Northern California

Ruth Sawtell Wallis: Eric Lund, a cop turned FBI lawman, in Massachusetts and Minnesota

Kate Young: Marygene Brown, running the family Peach Diner with help from Mama’s spirit, on Peach Cove Island, in Georgia; Lyla Moody, the receptionist for her uncle’s private investigative firm, in Sweet Mountain, Georgia, in the Jane Doe Book Club mysteries


Authors and Characters Added in August 2021

Emilia Bernhard: Rachel Levis and Magda Stevens, amateur American sleuths, in Paris, France, in the Death in Paris series

Rae Cairns: non-series

New Kathryn Casey series: Clara Jefferies, a police detective returning to her childhood home in Alber, Utah

New John Copenhaver series: Phillippa Watson and Judy Peabody, teenagers with a talent for solving crime in 1940s Washington, DC, in the Nightingale trilogy

Lucy Foley: non-series

New Val McDermid series: Allie Burns, a reporter at the Daily Clarion, starting in 1979 Glasgow, Scotland

Charity Norman: non-series

Kyle Perry: non-series

Max Seeck: Jessica Niemi, a homicide detective in Helsinki, Finland

Sarah Thornton: Clementine Jones, a disgraced corporate lawyer, in Australia

Greg Woodland: Mick Goodenough, a new town constable demoted from a big-city detective job, in 1960s Moorabool, a fictional town in the New England region of Australia


Authors and Characters Added in July 2021

Alexandra Andrews: non-series

New Arnaldur Indriðason series: Konrád (Konráð), a retired police detective, working cold cases, in Reykyavik, Iceland

New Shannon Baker series: Michaela Sanchez, an officer with the Arizona Rangers

Nicole Glover: Hetty and Benjy Rhodes, former conductors on the Underground Railroad now solving mysteries with the help of magic, in 1870s Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the Murder & Magic series

Sandie Jones: non-series psychological thrillers

Audrey Keown: Ivy Nichols, a 28-year-old hotel clerk, in a Beaux Arts hotel, in Chattanoga, Tennessee

New Vaseem Khan series: Persis Wadia, India’s first female police detective in 1950s Bombay

New T.E. Kinsey series: Ivor “Skins” Maloney and Bartholomew “Barty” Dunn, jazz musicians in 1925 London, England, in the Dizzy Heights mysteries

Stephanie Scott: non-series

Emma Stonex: non-series

New Don Winslow series: Irish and Italian warring crime syndicates in Providence, Rhode Island, during the 1980s and 1990s


Authors and Characters Added in June 2021

Eva Björg Ægisdóttir: Elma, Chief Investigating Officer, who returns to Akranes following a failed relationship, and her collegues Sævar and Hörður, in the Forbidden Iceland series

Fredrik Backman: non-series

Roxanne Bouchard: Joaquin Moralès, a police detective in the Gaspé Peninsula of Quebec, Canada

Mary Dixie Carter: non-series psychological suspense

Ben Creed: Revol Rossel, a virtuoso violinist, now a state militia cop, in 1950s Leningrad, Russia, in the City of Ghosts series

New Steve Goble series: Ed Runyon, a former New York City cop relocated to Mifflin County, Ohio, hoping for a quieter life as a sheriff’s detective

Chris Lloyd: Elisenda Domenech, head of the Serious Crime Unit, in Girona, Catalonia, Spain; Eddie Giral, a World War I veteran and police detective in 1940 Paris, France, during the German occupation

Mia P. Manansala: Lila Macapagal, a 25-year-old Filipino-American working at her aunt’s restaurant, Tita Rosie’s Kitchen, in Shady Palms, Illinois

Chris McKinney: The Water City trilogy, featuring a police detective in 2142; non-series noir sagas, set mostly in Hawaii

New Derek B. Miller series: Sheldon Horowitz, beginning in 1937 [prequel to Norwegian by Night]

Stacie Murphy: Amelia Matthews, a young fortune-teller in 1893 New York City

Paraic O’Donnell: non-series gothic thrillers

Agnes Ravatn: non-series

Seeley Regester: non-series

Chris Whitaker: non-series

New F. Paul Wilson series: Stanka Daley, a con artist from Los Angeles, California, who melds with a slug-like creature with healing powers


Authors and Characters Added in May 2021

New Camilla Läckberg series: Faye Adelheim, a vengeful Stockholm housewife

New John McFetridge series: Gordon Stewart, a movie location scout in Canada

Kate Quinn: non-series historical thrillers

David Stafford: Arthur Skelton, a criminal defense barrister, in 1929 London, England

Yun Ko-eun: non-series


Authors and Characters Added in April 2021

Raye Anderson: Roxanne Calloway, a young RCMP corporal promoted to the Major Crimes Unit, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Ava Barry: non-series

Don Bentley: Matt Drake, a Defense Intelligence Agency operative

New Jay Bonansinga series: Oswald Means, a small-time Chicago hit man haunted by the ghosts of his former kills who tries to redeem himself by saving as many lives as he took

Marjorie Celona: non-series

Randall Denley: Kris Redner, a 40-year-old crime columnist for the Citizen, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Tracy Dobmeier & Wendy Katzman: non-series

Candas Jane Dorsey: an unnamed pansexual, grammar-obsessed, private investigator, and her cat, Bunnywit, in a Canadian city, in the Epitome Apartments mysteries

Cecilia Ekbäck: historical mysteries set in Sweden, ranging from the 1700s to World War II

Alex Finlay: non-series (Anthony Franze pseudonym)

New J.F. Freedman series: Luke Garrison, a former former District Attorney whose error caused the execution of an innocent man, in Santa Barbara, California

New Layton Green series: Andromeda "Andie" Robertson, an astrophysics PhD candidate, and Cal Miller, an investigative reporter, following clues around the world in search of a mysterious device invented by Andie’s mentor, the famous physicist Dr. James Corwin

Puja Guha: Petra Shirazi, a former CIA agent, and Ahriman, an Iranian assassin, in the Ahriman Legacy series

Emily Hepditch: non-series psychological thrillers set in Newfoundland, Canada

Helen Humphreys: non-series

Ann Lambert: Roméo Leduc, Chief Inspector of Homicide, and Marie Russell, an amateur sleuth, in the region of Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Kevin Major: Sebastian Synard, a tour guide in Newfoundland, Canada

New Mary Miley series: Maddie Pastore, a widow who researches the backgrounds of clients for Chicago mystic Madame Carlotta Romany, beginning in 1924, in the Mystic’s Accomplice series

Roz Nay: non-series

Katrina Onstad: non-series

Sarah Penner: non-series

New Henry Porter series: Paul Sampson, a former MI6 agent with a talent for tracking missing persons

New Christine Poulson series: Katie Flanagan, a young researcher in a drug lab, based in England

Francesca Serritella: non-series

Tiffany Tsao: non-series


Authors and Characters Added in March 2021

Kia Abdullah: Zara Kaleel, a former barrister now working as a sexual assault counsellor for Artemis House, in London, England

Esme Addison: Aleksandra (Alex) Daniels, returning to her family home to help in their herbal apothecary, in Bellamy Bay, North Carolina, in the Enchanted Bay mysteries

New Allison Brennan series: Kara Quinn, a young homicide detective, and Matt Costa, a loner FBI agent, in the Mobile Response Team series

New Larry Brooks series: Wolfgang Schmitt, a former underwear model and later a reluctant undercover agent for the FBI

Tina deBellegarde: Bianca St. Denis, a recently widowed new arrival in Batavia-on-Hudson, in the Catskills of New York

New Sherry Harris series: Chloe Jackson, a Chicago transplant helping Vivi Slidell, her late friend’s grandmother, run the Sea Glass Saloon in Emerald Cove on the the Florida Panhandle

Matthew Hart: Alex Turner, former CIA agent now a US Treasury operative based in New York City and investigating blood diamond smuggling around the world

Chris Hauty: Hayley Chill, a 25-year-old Army veteran working as an intern in the West Wing, in Washington, DC

New Maria Hummel series: Maggie Richter, a staff editor at the fictional Rocgue Museum in Los Angeles, California

David James: Amanda Thorne, a real estate agent, recently divorced from her husband and business partner, in Palm Springs, California (David Stukas pseudonym)

New James Oswald series: Constance Fairchild, a detective constable in London, England

New Bill Stackhouse series: Caitlin O’Rourkean, running an Irish pub, in Nashville, Tennessee

Laura Jensen Walker: Teddie St. John, a baker and mystery writer, in Lake Potawatomi, Wisconsin, in the Bookish Baker mysteries; Hope Taylor, first female pastor of Faith Chapel Episcopal Church, in Apple Springs, California, in the Faith Chapel mysteries

New Jincy Willett series: Amy Gallup, a reclusive widow, published at age 22, teaching a writing class at the university extension, and her flatulent basset hound Alphonse, in Escondido, California


Authors and Characters Added in February 2021

New Dale Brown series: Captain Nick Flynn, a US Air Force intellegence officer banished to a remote outpost in Alaska

New Colleen Coble series: Jane Hardy, appointed interim sheriff in Pelican Harbor, Alabama, after her father retires

New Jim Eldridge series: DCI Coburg and DS Lampson in 1940 London, England, in the Hotel mysteries

New Frances Fyfield series: Diana Porteous, a rich young widow and art collector, as well as a skilled thief, in London, England

New Seán Haldane series: Chad Hobbes, a policeman just arrived from England, in 1869 Victoria, British Columbia, and in 1871 on Prince Edward Island, Canada

Dolores Hitchens: Jim Sader, a private investigator, in Long Beach, California; Collins & McKechnie, detectives in California [written with Bert Hitchens]; John Farrel, a railroad detective in southern California [written with Bert Hitchens]; Rachel and Jennifer Murdock, elderly sisters and amateur sleuths, along with Samantha the cat, and their friendly rival, police detective Lieutenant Stephen Mayhew , set mostly in Los Angeles, California [written as D.B. Olsen]; A. Pennyfeather, an English professor at Clarenden College, set mostly in California [written as D.B. Olsen]

New Ed Ifkovic series: Anna Farkas, a 65-year-old housewife, in the Hungarian-American community around New Haven, Connecticut

New Michael Kurland series: Captain Jacob Welker, an American counter-intelligence agent, Lord Geoffrey Saboy, British cultural attache, and his wife Lady Patricia, beginning in 1938

New Debbi Mack series: Erica Jensen, an unlicensed private investigator and Marine veteran with PTSD, in Baltimore, Maryland

New Andy McNab series: Tom Buckingham, a sergeant in the British Army Special Air Service, in the SAS thrillers

New Viet Thanh Nguyen series: A half-French, half-Vietnamese army captain double agent who leaves Vietnam after the fall of Saigon in 1975, taking on the alias Vo Danh (nameless)

Sara Sligar: non-series psychological suspense

Kate Weinberg: non-series

New Robin Yocum series: Hutchinson Van Buren, Attorney General of Ohio


Authors and Characters Added in January 2021

Aravind Adiga: non-series literary fiction with a criminous flavor

New David Ashton series: Jean Brash, a feisty, self-made woman turned sleuth in Victorian Edinburgh, Scotland

Daisy Bateman: Claudia Simcoe, a computer programmer leaving San Francisco to open a farm-to-table market on the California coast

Micki Browning: Mer (Meredith) Cavallo, a marine biologist working as a divemaster in the Florida Keys; Jo Wyatt, a police detective, in fictional Echo Valley, in southwest Colorado [written as M.E. Browning]

New Lynn Cahoon series: Mia Malone, a witch running a catering business, in fictional Magic Springs, Idaho, in the Kitchen Witch series

New Judith Campbell series: Viridienne Greene, a fiber artist and amateur sleuth, in Plymouth, Massachusetts

Heather Chavez: non-series

Vivien Chien: Lana Lee, back working in her family’s restaurant after a break-up, in Cleveland, Ohio, in the Noodle Shop mysteries

Jennifer J. Chow: Winston Wong, a former video game tester, now an amateur sleuth [written as J.J. Chow]; Mimi Lee, running a pet-grooming shop, in Los Angeles, California, in the Sassy Cat series

Caroline B. Cooney: Janie Johnson, a 15-year old, begins to wonder about her past [YA]

New Wessel Ebersohn series: Beloved Childe, a prison expert in South Africa

Ruth Gilligan: non-series

New Danielle Girard series: Kylie Milliard, the only police detective, in Hagen, North Dakota, in the Badlands series

New Jeanne Glidewell series: Rip and Rapella Ripple, full-time recreational vehicle tourers throughout in the USA, in the Ripple Effect mysteries

New Elly Griffiths series: Harbinder Kaur, a 36-year-old gay Sikh female detective sergeant, in the West Sussex constabulary, in England

New Suzette A. Hill series: Rosie Gilchrist, attempting to lead an untroubled life working at the British Museum, starting in 1953 London, England

New Lee Hollis series: Maya, a private investigator, and Sandra, her housewife friend, in Portland, Maine [Rick Copp pseudonym]

New Anne Holt series: Selma Falck, a lawyer who has lost everything, in Norway

New Jørn Lier Horst & Thomas Enger series: Alexander Blix, a violent crimes detective, and journalist Emma Ramm, in Oslo, Norway

Terry Kay: non-series

Mary Keliikoa: Kelly Pruett, a single mom of a deaf daughter who inherits her father’s private investigator business, in Portland, Oregon

New Diane Kelly series: Hattie Hayes, a moonshinter continuing a family tradition, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in the Southern Homebrew series

Nancy Jooyoun Kim: non-series

Rosalie Knecht: Vera Kelly, recruited by the CIA from the gay community of 1962 Greenwich Village, New York City, later a private investigator

New Lynda La Plante series: Jack Warr, a detective constable in London, England

New Pierre Lemaître series: the Enfants du Désastre trilogy set between the two World Wars

Nev March: non-series

New Amanda Matetsky series: Annie March, a literacy tutor and amateur sleuth, on Long Island, New York

New Beverley McLachlin series: Jilly Truitt, a top criminal defense lawyer, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

New Kasey Michaels series: Grady Sullivan, a private investigator, and Quinn Delaney, an ex-cop turned bodyguard, in the D&S Security series

Jessica Moor: non-series

New John Moss series: Harry Lindstrom, a private investigator, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Angel Harris, born without use of her legs, an anthropologist expert in cave exploration, in the Silver Medallion series

Richie Narvaez: non-series

Scott O’Connor: non-series thrillers

New James Patterson & David Ellis series: Billy Harney and Kate Fenton, police detectives on the elite Special Operations Section in Chicago, Illinois

New Sharon Sala series: Charlie Dodge, a private investigator, in the Jigsaw Files

Halley Sutton: non-series

Maryla Szymiczkowa: Zofia Turbotńska, a bored medical professor’s wife who becomes an amateur sleuth, beginning in 1893 Cracow, Poland

Elisabeth Thomas: non-series

New Ashley Weaver series: Electra McDonnell, in a family of burglars, during World War II in England

Sung J. Woo: Siobhan O’Brien, a Korean-American adoptee, whose boss leaves her a private intestigation agency, in New York City

Stephanie Wrobel: non-series


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