Series Characters by Last Name

Willie Taft: former back-up singer and private investigator in the South, by Mary Saums

Andrew Taggart: journalist with New Politics, based in London, England, by Ruth Brandon

Jack Taggart: undercover Mountie, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, by Don Easton

Roger Taine: British professional hunter, who decides to see if he can hunt a European dictator, by Geoffrey Household

Kari Takamäki: supervising detective in the Violent Crimes Unit, in Helsinki, Finland, in the Helsinki Homicide series by Jarkko Sipilä

Jeff Talbot: former FBI agent turned antique picker, in Seattle, Washington, by Deborah Morgan

Leatitia Talbot: archeologist based in post-WWI France, by Barbara Cleverly

Liz Talbot: private investigator with a ghostly sidekick, in fictional Stella Maris, South Carolina, by Susan M. Boyer

Terry Tallach and Zack Wilson, young criminal defense lawyers, in Massachusetts, by Ed Gaffney

Jack Tallon: Los Angeles police sergeant who becomes police chief in Whitewater, Washington, by John Ball

Hilary Tamar: medieval law professor in Oxford, England, by Sarah Caudwell

Ken Tanaka: computer programmer in Los Angeles, California, by Dale Furutani

Peter Tangent: troubleshooter for an American oil company in Africa, by Lawrence Sanders

Alex Tanner: freelance TV researcher and part-time private investigator, in London, England, in the Notting Hill mysteries by Anabel Donald

Bay Tanner: widowed financial consultant, in Hilton Head, South Carolina, by Kathryn R. Wall

Briggs Tanner: veteran covert US agent on international missions, by Grant Blackwood

Evan Tanner: government agent with permanent insomnia, in the USA, by Lawrence Block

Finley Anderson Tanner: youngish paralegal with an interest in discount shopping, in West Palm Beach, Florida, by Rhonda Pollero

John Marshall Tanner: non-practicing attorney and private eye, in San Francisco, California, by Stephen Greenleaf

Mandy Tanner: seasonal river ranger on the Arkansas River near Salida, Colorado, by Beth Groundwater

Melanie Tanner: a failed anthropologist now running her father’s construction company, in the Historic Home Renovation mysteries by Juliet Blackwell

Michael Tanner: successful public relations executive, and his second wife, Mary Whitney, an heiress to an industrial empire, in Seattle, Washington, by Carl Brookins

Sarah Tanner: proprietor of the Dining and Coffee Rooms and amateur sleuth, in 1850s London, England, by Lee Jackson

Manny Tanno: former Oglala Lakota tribal cop, now an FBI Special Agent returning to the Pine Ridge Reservation, in South Dakota, by C.M. Wendelboe

Dick Tansey: Chief Inspector in the Thames Valley police, in England, by John Penn (Palma Harcourt & Jack H. Trotman)

Mark Tartaglia: detective inspector in London, England, by Elena Forbes

Nicholas Tartaglia: private investigator in Spencerport, New York, by Phillip Tomasso

Robert Tarza and his protégée Jenna James, attorneys at the Marbury Marfan, in Los Angeles, California, by Charles Rosenberg

Bill Tasker: agent of the Department of Law Enforcement in Florida, by James O. Born

Gerry Tate and Douglas Perkins, in public relations in London, England, by Marian Babson

Harry Tate: officer in MI-5 sent to the Balkans after a botched operation, by Adrian Magson

Bill Tatum: former Army sniper and current Deputy Sheriff of Mineral County, in Dumont, Colorado, by Evan McNamara

Nan Tatum, single country western deejay, and Bert Tatum, a newly-divorced, straight-laced mother of college-aged children, identical twins in Louisville, Kentucky, by Barbara Taylor McCafferty and Beverly Taylor Herald

Tay-bodal: 19th century Kiowa healer in Oklahoma, by Mardi Oakley Medawar

Emma Taylor: moving back home to help run her aunt’s lingerie boutique, in Paris, Tennessee, in the Sweet Nothings Lingerie mysteries by Meg London (Peg Cochran)

Fred Taylor: art historian in Boston, Massachusetts, by Nicholas Kilmer

Holland Taylor: ex-cop turned private investigator, in St. Paul, Minnesota, by David Housewright

Jack Taylor: dismissed from the Garda Síochána (Irish police) for drinking, now finding things for people in Galway, Ireland, since “private eye” sounds too much like “informer” to the Irish, by Ken Bruen

Karen Taylor: forensic psychologist on the Isle of Wight, UK, by N.J. (Natasha) Cooper

Lulu Taylor: owner of Aunt Pat’s rib joint, in Memphis, Tennessee, in the Memphis Barbeque mysteries by Riley Adams (Elizabeth Spann Craig)

Mitch Taylor, Commander Bill Decker, and Jub Freeman, police detectives in New York City, by Lawrence Treat

Morgan Taylor: struggling actress in Chicago, Illinois, and on a Caribbean cruise ship, by Susan Sussman & Sarajane Avidon

Ruby Taylor: 30-something Christian amateur sleuth, in Montana, by Sharon Dunn

Sky Taylor: recently widowed 30-something newspaper columnist and creative cleaner, in fictional Pigeon Cove, off the Massachusetts coast, in the Grime Solvers series by Suzanne Price

Sophie Taylor: failed New York restaurateur and chef, returning to her grandmother's restaurant, Auntie Rose's Victorian Tearoom, in Gracious Grove, New York, in the Teapot Collector mysteries by Amanda Cooper (Donna Lea Simpson)

Aurora Teagarden: librarian in Lawrenceton, Georgia, by Charlaine Harris

Kate Teague: history teacher in California, by Wendy Hornsby

Sydney Teague: advertising agency owner in Charlotte, North Carolina, by Anne Underwood Grant

Abe Teal, the young narrator, and his mother Leah, a widowed police officer, in late 1980s fictional Alvin, Alabama, by Michael Hiebert

Russell Teed: hard-drinking private investigator, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, by David Montrose

Jack Teller: in World War II and later as a CIA agent, by Tom Gabbay

Emily Tempest: part white and part aborigine, who returns to the Austrialia outback, by Adrian Hyland

Simon “The Saint” Templar: international thief, millionaire, and master of disguise, by Leslie Charteris

Simon “The Saint” Templar: international thief, millionaire, and master of disguise, by Burl Barer

Paul Temple: crime writer turned private investigator, in London, England, by Francis Durbridge

Rebecca Temple: family practice physician in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, by Sylvia Maultash Warsh

Teeny Templeton: pastry chef and cooking instructor in Charleston, South Carolina, by Michael Lee West

Jane Tennison: detective chief inspector in London, England, by Lynda La Plante

Sally Tepper: unemployed actress with five dogs in New York City, by Frank King (Lydia Adamson)

Grace Ann Terhune: recently divorced beautician working in her mother's salon in the tourist town of St. Elizabeth, Georgia, in the Southern Beauty Shop series by Lila Dare (Laura DiSilverio)

Frank Terrell by James Hadley Chase

Inspector Frederick Terry: detective in London, England, by Christine Spindler

Nadia Tesla, the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants, in New York City, the Ukraine, and elsewhere, by Orest Stelmach

Jane Francis Tewes: a doctor, Alastair Ransom, an inspector, in 1890s Chicago, Illinois, by Robert W. Walker

Mr. Tewkesbury: in England, by Henry Cecil

Josephine Tey: the mystery writer in 1930s Britain, by Nicola Upson

Peggy Tey and Bill Easterand, agents for hire, based in England, by John Blackburn

Edward Thackeray and Richard Cribb, policeman in Victorian London, England, by Peter Lovesey

Georgia Thackery: English professor who moves back into her parents’ house with her teenaged daughter and discovers a skeleton named Sid already in residence, in the Family Skeleton mysteries by Leigh Perry (Toni L.P. Kelner)

Michael Thackeray: a police inspector, and Laura Ackroyd, a reporter, in Yorkshire, England, in the Yorkshire mysteries, by Patricia Hall

Colin Thane and Phil Moss, Crime Squad officers in Glasgow, Scotland, by Bill Knox

Luke Thanet: police inspector in Kent, England, by Dorothy Simpson

John Putnam Thatcher: Wall Street financial whiz, based in New York City, by Emma Lathen

Kate Theobald: reporter in London, England, by Lionel Black

Thomas Theron: history professor in Boston, Massachusetts, by Robert Reeves

Dexter J. Theroux: private eye. and his secretary, Kitty Pangborn, in 1930s Los Angeles, California, by Linda L. Richards

John Thinnes: cop, and Jack Caleb, a gay psychiatrist, in Chicago, Illinois, by Michael Allen Dymmoch

Jane Thistle, a British lady, and Phoebe Twigg, a Southern lady, both widows in their 60s, in Tullulah, Alabama, by Mary Saums

Cindy Thomas: a reporter, Lindsay Boxer, a homicide inspector, Jill Bernhardt, an Assistant District Attorney, and Claire Washburn, a medical examiner — founding members of The Women’s Murder Club, in San Francisco, California, by James Patterson

Clyde Thomas: the first black deputy sheriff, and Jeremiah Spur, retired white Texas Ranger, in Brenham, Texas, by James Hime

Karima “Cream” Thomas: young woman taking the fall for her drug-dealing boyfriend, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by Solomon Jones

Mrs. Lizzie Thomas: a Welsh widow, and her friend, John Webber, a retired, arthritic police inspector, in Flaxfield, Suffolk, England, by Anthony Oliver

Nick Thomas: Food Standards Agency inspector in England, and Josie Welford, the new owner of the White Hart Pub in Kings Duncombe, a West Country village, by Judith Cutler

Odd Thomas: fry cook who can communicate with the dead, in the fictional small town of Pico Mundo, California, by Dean R. Koontz

Rev. Daniel Thompson: small-town Methodist minister with some personal problems, in Baird, Kentucky, by Dean Feldmeyer

Emily Thompson: starting as a 40-year-old rookie cop, and Martin Benedetti, detective commander in the sheriff’s office, in Naperville, Illinois, by Shane Gericke

Henry Thompson: former high school star baseball player, now a bartender with a drinking problem in Paul's Place, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York City, by Charlie Huston

Tommy Thompson: detective in the Teton County Sheriff’s Office, in Wyoming, in the Jackson Hole series by J. Royal Horton

Thora Gudmundsdottir: lawyer in Reykjavik, Iceland, by Yrsa Sigurdardottir

Thorn: eco-avenger PI in Key Largo, Florida, by James W. Hall

Peter Thorn: army colonel and counter-terrorism expert, and Helen Gray, an FBI agent, by Larry Bond

Dr. John Evelyn Thorndyke: physician and barrister, by R. Austin Freeman

George Thorne: Detective Superintendent in the Thames Valley police, in England, by John Penn (Palma Harcourt & Jack H. Trotman)

Iris Thorne: investment counselor in Los Angeles, California, by Dianne G. Pugh (Dianne Emley)

Tom Thorne: middle aged detective inspector in London, England, by Mark Billingham

Richard Thornhill: a detective inspector, and Jill Francis, a journalist, in Lydmouth, England, in the 1950s, in the Lydmouth series, by Andrew Taylor

Joshua Thornton: special prosecutor in Chester, West Virginia, by Lauren Carr

Suzanne Thornton: former kept woman, organizing a troupe of actors at the Globe, in 1660s London, England, in the Restoration mysteries by Anne Rutherford

Charles Thoroughgood: commando in Northern Ireland, then with MI-6 and later the Secret Intelligence Agency, by Alan Judd

Neil Thorpe by E. Howard Hunt

Maggy Thorsen: 40-something divorcée running a coffee shop, Uncommon Grounds, with two women friends in the small fictional town of Brookhills, Wisconsin, by Sandra Balzo

Alix Thorssen: gallery owner and art forgery expert, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, by Lise McClendon

Roger Thursby: in England, by Henry Cecil

Max Thursday: ex-cop private investigator, and Austin Clapp, a police lieutenant, in San Diego, California, by Wade Miller

Henry Tibbett: Scotland Yard Inspector in London, England, by Patricia Moyes

John Tibbett: petty thief turned reluctant spy and hero, in London, England, by Laurence Payne

John Tibbets: homeless amnesia victim, starting in Manhattan, New York City, by Al Lamanda

Virgil Tibbs: black homicide detective based in Pasadena, California, by John Ball

Jack Till: retired LAPD homicide detective, now working as a private investigator in Los Angeles, California, by Thomas Perry

Thomas Tilling: detective in England and Wales, by Ron Watkins

Tillman and Muldoon, policemen in 1880s New York City, by William Marshall

Abigail Timberlake: owner of an antique shop in Charlotte, North Carolina, in the Den of Antiquity series, by Tamar Myers

Harry Tipper: detective chief inspector, and John Gaffney, Detective Chief Superintendent of Scotland Yard’s Special Branch, in London, England, by Graham Ison

Jacobia Tiptree: onetime financial advisor to the Mob, now living in Eastport, Maine, in the Home Repair Is Homicide mysteries by Sarah Graves

Michael Tiranno (The Tyrant): Mafia connected owner of the Seven Sins, a Los Vegas casino, by Jon Land

Sam Titus, a sheriff, and Nicky Titus, a photographer and wife, in Holton, Oklahoma, in the Down Home mysteries, by Eve K. Sandstrom

Josie Toadfern: stain expert and laundromat owner, in Paradise, Ohio, in the Stain-Busting mysteries, by Sharon Short

Tobin: hot-tempered movie critic in New York City, by Ed Gorman

Jack Tobin: prominent trial lawyer formerly in Miami, now crusading for justice in rural Florida, by James Sheehan

Matthew Tobin: colonel directing a team of mercenaries for the “right” causes, by Alan Caillou

William “Toby” Tobin: Princeton-educated homicide inspector, in New York City, by Dorothy B. Hughes

Phil “Sweeney” Todd: police superintendent in Nottingham, England, by Frank Palmer

Yashim Togalu: eunuch for an Ottoman sultan, in 1830s Istanbul, Turkey, by Jason Goodwin

Sarah Tolerance: freelance agent of inquiry in Regency London, England, by Madeleine E. Robins

Ben Tolliver: police lieutenant in New York City, by James Neal Harvey

Leonard Tomzak: pathologist and crash investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board, by Dana Haynes

The Tonneman Family: from New Amsterdam in 1664, to New York City in 1895, by Maan Meyers

Marko della Torre: secret policeman in 1991 Zagreb, Croatia, as Yugoslavia crumbles, by Alen Mattich

Derek Torry cop thrillers by John Gardner

Aud Torvingen: half-American, half-Norwegian lesbian ex-Atlanta cop and self-defense teacher, by Nicola Griffith

Lina Townend: an orphan, and her mentor Griffith (Griff) Tripp, an antique dealer, in England, by Judith Cutler

Sara Townley: investigator for a law firm in Seattle, Washington, in the Animal Instinct mysteries by Gabriella Herkert

C.J. Townsend: Assistant State Attorney in Miami, Florida, by Jilliane Hoffman

Father Mark Townsend: Jesuit priest in Washington State, by Brad Reynolds

Rick Townsend: Department of Natural Resources ranger, and Tressa “Calamity” Jayne Turner, a ditzy blonde who favors pink cowboy boots, mostly in Knoxville, Iowa, by Kathleen Bacus

Helen Tozer, WPC, and Cathal Breen a detective sergeant, of the Metropolitan Police, in the late ’60s music scene, in London, England, by William Shaw

Gregory Toye and Tom Pollard, Scotland Yard detectives, in London, England, by Elizabeth Lemarchand

Mike Tozzi and Bert Gibbons, FBI agents in New York City, by Anthony Bruno

John Tracer: family-man sleuth in Monterey, California, by Jeff Andrus

Devlin “Trace” Tracy: freelance insurance investigator, in Las Vegas, Nevada, by Warren Murphy

Rick Train by Bruno Fischer

Hyacinth and Primrose Tramwell: pair of dotty sisters and owners of the Flowers Detection Agency, occassionally joining Ellie Haskell, an interior decorator, Ben Haskell, a writer and chef, by Dorothy Cannell

Timothy Trant: Princeton-educated police lieutenant in New York City, by Patrick Quentin

Ralph “Rat” Trapp: black homicide detective captain, in New Orleans, Louisiana, by John William Corrington & Joyce Hooper Corrington

William Trave: detective inspector, and Adam Clayton, a detective constable, in late 1950s-1960s Oxford, England, by Simon Tolkien

Moroni Traveler: non-Mormon ex-football player and private eye in Salt Lake City, Utah, by Robert Irvine

Ludovic Travers: wealthy writer and amateur sleuth, later proprietor of the Broad Street Detective Agency, along with Scotland Yard Superintendant George Wharton and later Chief Inspector Jewle, in London, England, by Christopher Bush

Nick Travers: ex-football star, part-time detective, and full-time expert on blues in New Orleans, Louisiana, by Ace Atkins

Tory Travers: structural engineer in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and David Alvarez, a police detective in El Paso, Texas, by Aileen Schumacher

Travis: the Blue-Eyed Indian, a private investigator, in and around Austin, Texas, by Russ Hall

Anna Travis: rookie detective, in London, England, by Lynda La Plante

Melanie Travis: a special education teacher who shows her standard poodles in dog shows, in Connecticut, by Laurien Berenson

Mike Travis: newly retired cop building a charter sailing business, in Los Angeles, California, by Baron R. Birtcher

Sheila Travis: publicist in Atlanta, Georgia, by Patricia Houck Sprinkle

Sherri Travis: self-proclaimed “white trash” and a bartender in the small beach town of Jacaranda, Florida, by Phyllis Smallman

Vince Treadwell: young police detective sent in 1964 from London to Brighton, England, by Danny Miller

Mark Treasure: merchant banker in London, England, by David Williams

Jane Tregar: corporate headhunter in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, by Ellen Godfrey

Diana Tregarde: investigator of unnatural events in Hartford, Connecticut, by Mercedes Lackey

Gabe Treloar: burned-out LAPD veteran on the way to a PI job in Cleveland, ending up in his old hometown, Monticello, Ohio, by John Maddox Roberts

Jack Tremain: navy lieutenant commander on submarines in the South Pacific during World War II, by R. Cameron Cooke

Betty Trenka: retired office manager in Connecticut, by Joyce Christmas

Philip Trent: journalist in London, England, by E.C. Bentley

Richard Trenton: banker in England, by Anne Burton (Sara Woods)

Ethelred Tressider: a mystery author, and his chocoholic literary agent, Elsie Thirkettle, in West Sussex, England, by L.C. Tyler

Albert V. Tretheway: Inspector, and Jake Small, Constable, 1940s Canadian police officers in Fort York, Ontario, by A.E. Eddenden

Perry Trethowan: Scotland Yard inspector in London, England, by Robert Barnard

David Trevellyan: lieutenant commander with Royal Navy Intelligence, in New York City, and then Chicago, Illinois, by Andrew Grant

Nick Trevellyan: detective inspector, and Alison Hope, a software designer, in Hop Valley, England, by Susan B. Kelly

Rose Trevelyan: painter and photographer, in Cornwall, England, by Janie Bolitho

Carole Trevor: a private investigator, and her ex-husband, Max Blythe, by Judson Philips

Hannah Trevor: midwife in Rufford, Maine, just after the Revolutionary War, by Margaret Lawrence

Kate Trevorne: an English professor, and Jack Stryker, a homicide cop, in Michigan, by Paula Gosling

Detective Superintendent Trewley and Sergeant Stone, village detective partners in Allshire, England, by Sarah Mason

Eleanor Trewynn: a plucky widow running a charity shop in the fictional village of Port Mabyn, in 1960s Cornwall, England, in the Cornish Mysteries by Carola Dunn

Piero Trotti: commissario of police in a city on the river Po, in northern Italy, by Timothy Williams

Frederick Troy: police sergeant and later Chief Inspector, from the late 1940s to the 1960s, in London, England, by John Lawton

Haila and Jeff Troy: a married detective team, she a former actress, he a photographer, in New York City, by Kelley Roos

Marjorie Trumaine, a professional book indexer and farm-wife in 1960s North Dakota, by Larry D. Sweazy

Harriet Truman, widowed and taking over her aunt’s quilting business and home, in fictional Foggy Point, Washington, in the Loose Threads mysteries by Arlene Sachitano

Alma and Isabel Trumbo: elderly sisters in Quiet Anchorage, Virginia, by Ed Lynskey

Victoria Trumbull: an astute 92-year old Vineyard native and deputy police officer, in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, by Cynthia Riggs

Glynis Tryon: independent thinker and librarian, in mid-1800s New York, in the Seneca Falls mysteries, by Miriam Grace Monfredo

Jacob Tshabalala: detective inspector, in Johannesburg, South Africa, by Richard Kunzmann

Aaron Tucker: former investigative reporter and aspiring screenwriter, in New Jersey, by Jeffrey Cohen

Alafair Tucker: matriarch of a large family in the early 1900s, in rural Oklahoma, by Donis Casey

Aloysius Tucker: computer whiz in Boston, Massachusetts, by Ray Daniel

Charity Tucker and Ben Shock, unlicensed private investigators in the 1970s, by Patrick Buchanan (Edwin Corley)

Coleridge Tucker, Jennifer Norrington, Alessandro Di Ganzarello, a James Bond-like trio in London, England, by Ivor Drummond

Flap Tucker: a finder of lost things, and a private investigator who uses meditation instead of a gun, in Atlanta, Georgia, by Phillip DePoy

Roy Tucker: in prison for murdering his wife, is offered freedom by a mysterious government agency to assassinate a politician, by Adam Kennedy

Elizabeth Tudor, and her friend Simon Maldon, amateur sleuths during the reign of her father Henry VIII, in London, England, in the Simon & Elizabeth mysteries by Peg Herring

Max Tudor: former MI-5 agent, now vicar at St. Edwold's in the idyllic village of Nether Monkslip, England, by G.M. Malliet

Bo Tully: Sheriff of Blight County, Idaho, by Patrick F. McManus

Jasper Tully: DA investigator, and Mrs. Norris, Scottish housekeeper and amateur sleuth, in New York City, by Dorothy Salisbury Davis

Amy Tupper: amateur sleuth in London, England, by Josephine Bell

Torrey Tunet: 28-year-old translator from Boston, Massachusetts, stuck in Ballynagh, Ireland, by Dicey Deere

John Turner: ex-cop, ex-con, ex-psychotherapist, now deputy sheriff in Cripple Creek, Tennessee, by James Sallis

Kate Turner: veterinarian in Oak Falls, New York, in the DVM mysteries by Eileen Brady

Lizzie Turner: tutor and literacy teacher, returning to her old home town, Ashton Corners, Alabama, in the Ashton Corners Book Club mysteries by Erika Chase

Milo Turner: con-man and private investigator, in St. Louis, Missouri, Francis M. Nevins

Paige Turner: mystery novelist and crime reporter, and a Korean War widow, in 1950s New York City, by Amanda Matetsky

Paul Turner: gay police detective in Chicago, Illinois, by Mark Richard Zubro

Peggy Jean Turner: mayor of Cobb’s Landing, a town in New England, by Kate Borden (Kate Grilley)

Sam Turner: private investigator in York, England, by John Baker

Dr. Samantha Turner: medical examiner in Sheridan, Wyoming, by Marsha Landreth

Tressa “Calamity” Jayne Turner: ditzy blonde who favors pink cowboy boots, and Rick Townsend, a Department of Natural Resources ranger, mostly in Knoxville, Iowa, by Kathleen Bacus

Anna Turnipseed: part-Modoc, part-Japanese FBI special agent, and Emmett Quanah Parker, a part-Comanche, part-white Bureau of Indian Affairs agent, and in New Mexico and elsewhere, by Kirk Mitchell

Mark Twain: 19th century American author, and Wentworth Cabot, his secretary, in the USA, by Peter J. Heck

Tweed: British Secret Service second in command, and agents Paula Grey and Bob Newman, by Corbin Forbes

Phoebe Twigg, a Southern lady, and Jane Thistle, a British lady, both widows in their 60s, in Tullulah, Alabama, by Mary Saums

Dr. Alan Twist and Chief Inspector Hurst by Paul Halter

Mary "Ike" Tygart: a television news producer, and Abby Abagnarro, a television news director, in New York City, by Polly Whitney

Bonnie Lynn Tyler, Margaret Ann Matthews, and Lindsey Fox, cousins at Pinckney Plantation on fictional Indigo Island, South Carolina, by Caroline Cousins

Morgan Tyler: 30-year-old widow, the head writer of the daytime drama “Love of My Life” in New York City, by Linda Palmer

Anna Tyree and Whit Pynchon,by Dave Pedneau

Keith Tyrell: detective inspector in Gloucestershire, England, by Freda Davies

Chris Tyroll: off-beat anarchist lawyer who will defend anyone, in the West Midlands of England, by Barrie Roberts


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