Alan Caillou
Alan Lyle-Smythe
Mike Benasque, a journalist caught up in international intrigue:

The Plotters (1960)

Marseilles (1964)

Who’ll Buy My Evil? (1966)

Diamonds Wild (1979)

Cabot Cain, a 6-foot 7-inch tall athletic genius with multiple degrees, working with Interpol around the world:

Assault on Kolchak (1969)

Assault on Loveless (1969)

Assault on Ming (1969)
Finalist 1970 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

Assault on Agathon (1972)

Assault on Fellawi (1972)

Assault on Aimata (1975)

Matthew Tobin, a colonel directing a team of mercenaries for the “right” causes:

Dead Sea Submarine (1971)

Terror in Rio (1971)

Afghan Assault (1972)

Congo War Cry (1972)

Death Charge (1973)

Swamp War (1973)

The Garonsky Missile (1976)

Ian Quayle, a handsome gentleman and scholar:

A League of Hawks (1986)

The Sword of God (1987)


Rampage (1961)

Rogue’s Gambit (1955)

Alien Virus (1957)
APA: Cairo Cabal (1974)

A Journey to Orassia (1965)

The Mindanao Pearl (1973)

Written as Alex Webb
Josh Dekker, during WW2 in France:

Dekker’s Demons (1985)

Blood Run (1985)

Other fiction:

The Walls of Jolo (1960)

Field of Women (1963)

The Hot Sun of Africa (1964)

Khartoum (1966)

Charge of the Light Brigade (1968)

Bichu the Jaguar (1969)

The Cheetahs (1970)
[written as Alan Lyle-Smythe]

Joshua’s People (1982)

The House on Curzon Street (1983)

The Prophetess (1983)

A Woman of Quality (1984)

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