Selected Paperback Releases

Codes: [r] reprint from hardcover or earlier paperback, [SS] short stories,
[s] simultaneous hardcover/paperback release, [NS] non-series

October 2014

The Corpse with the Platinum Hair [Cait Morgan #4] by Cathy Ace

Double Strike [Davis Way #3] by Gretchen Archer

The Forgotten Girl [NS] by David Bell

One Potion in the Grave [Magic Potions #2] by Heather Blake

Shadow Knight’s Mate [NS] by Jay Brandon

A Crafty Christmas [Cumberland Creek #4] by Mollie Cox Bryan

Gilt Trip [r] [Scrapbooking #11] by Laura Childs

Five Minutes Alone [Christchurch Noir] by Paul Cleave

Picked To Die [Orchard #8] by Sheila Connolly

The Question of the Missing Head [Asperger’s #1] by E.J. Copperman

The Last Dead Girl [r] [David Loogan prequel] by Harry Dolan

Under Cover of the Night: A True Story of Sex, Greed and Murder [true crime] by Diane Fanning

Autumn, All the Cats Return [Gilles Sebag #2] by Philippe Georget

Murderous Mince [Pie in the Sky #2] by Ellie Grant

Spectrum [Karen Vail #6] by Alan Jacobson

Bless Her Dead Little Heart [Southern Ladies #1] by Miranda James

A Midwinter’s Tale [Magical Cats #6] by Sofie Kelly


The Missing Place [NS] by Sophie Littlefield

The Legend of Sleepy Harlow [League of Literary Ladies #3] by Kylie Logan

Frenzy [Frank Quinn #9] by John Lutz

Weave of Absence [Weaving #3] by Carol Ann Martin

The Killer Next Door [NS] by Alex Marwood [1st US edition]

Not a Chance in Helen [River Road #3] by Susan McBride

Last Kiss [Dr. Kate Pearson #3] by Louise Phillips

Off Kilter [Scottish Highlands #1] by Hannah Reed

Dead Broke in Jarrett Creek [Samuel Craddock #3] by Terry Shames

Eleven Days [Jack Carrigan & Geneva Miller #2] by Stav Sherez [1st US edition]

Sons of Sparta [r] [Andreas Kaldis #6] by Jeffrey Siger

A Virtuous Death [Lady of Ashes #3] by Christine Trent

Chaos in Kabul [Malko Linge #195] by Gérard de Villiers

Trick or Deadly Treat [Fresh-Baked #9] by Livia J. Washburn

Desert Rage [s] [Lena Jones #8] by Betty Webb

November 2014

Lethal Letters [Books by the Bay #6] by Ellery Adams

Mrs. Jeffries and the Merry Gentlemen [r] by Emily Brightwell

Risky Undertaking [s] [Buryin’ Barry #6] by Mark de Castrique

Snow White Red-Handed [Ophelia Flax #1] by Maia Chance

My Sister’s Grave [NS] by Robert Dugoni

None So Blind [Michael Green #10] by Barbara Fradkin

The Islanders [NS] by Pascal Garnier

No Mallets Intended [Vintage Kitchen #4] by Victoria Hamilton

For Better or Worsted [r] [Crochet #8] by Betty Hechtman

Deadly Ruse [Mac McClellan #2] by E. Michael Helms

Mulled Murder [r] [Pennyfoot Holiday Mysteries #9] by Kate Kingsbury


On Borrowed Time [Library Lover #5] by Jenn McKinlay

The Girl in the Woods [Birdy Waterman] by Gregg Olsen

Black Karma [White Ginger #2] by Thatcher Robinson

Vol. 17: Lying in Wait [Ann Rule’s Crime Files] by Ann Rule

Bloody Politics [Molly Malone #3] by Maggie Sefton

Ruthless [Janet Scott & Rachel Bailey #3] by Cath Staincliffe

The Abbot’s Agreement [Hugh de Singleton #7] by Mel Starr

Suede to Rest [Material Witness #1] by Diane Vallere

A Dog Gone Murder [Mystery Shopper #10] by Elaine Viets

Deeper Than the Grave [s] [Tai Randall & Trey Seaver #4] by Tina Whittle

The Suicide Club [NS] by Andrew Williams

December 2014

Threatcon Delta [Ryan Kealey #7] by Andrew Britton

Geared for the Grave [Cycle Path #1] by Duffy Brown

Death with All the Trimmings [Key West Food Critic #5] by Lucy Burdette

Mr. Monk Is Open for Business [r] [Monk #18] by Hy Conrad

Inspector Specter [Haunted Guesthouse #6] by E.J. Copperman

The Ghost and Mrs. Mewer [Paws and Claws #2] by Krista Davis

Roseblood [NS] by Paul Doherty

Aground on St. Thomas [Mystery in the Islands #3] by Rebecca M. Hale

A Deadly Web [Bishop Files #2] by Kay Hooper


Spell Booked [Retired Witches #1] by Joyce & Jim Lavene

The Wolf and the Lamb [s] [Jerusalem #3] by Frederick Ramsay

January 2015

Foxglove Summer [Rivers of London #5] by Ben Aaronovitch [1st US edition]

In Hot Water [Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade #3] by J.J. Cook

Murder out of Tune [Libby Sarjeant #14] by Lesley Cookman [1st US edition]

Cane and Abe [NS] by James Grippando

Shadow of the Raven [Thomas Silkstone #5] by Tessa Harris

The Sirena Quest [s] [Rachel Gold #10] by Michael A. Kahn

The Apostle [Carson Ryder #12] by Jack Kerley


The Hangman's Song [Anthony McLean #3] by James Oswald [1st US edition]

The Accidental Alchemist [Zoe Faust #1] by Gigi Pandian

The Martini Shot: A Novella and Stories [NS] [SS] by George Pelecanos

Twisted Threads [Mainely Needlepoint #1] by Lea Wait

February 2015

Murder in Pigalle [r] [Aimée Leduc #14] by Cara Black

Mrs. Jeffries and the One Who Got Away [Mrs. Jeffries #33] by Emily Brightwell

Day Zero [Jericho Quinn #5] by Marc Cameron

Fry Another Day [Biscuit Bowl Food Truck #2] by J.J. Cook

The Geneva Strategy [Ludlum’s Covert One continuation] by Jamie Freveletti

Allure of Deceit [NS] by Susan Froetschel

By Book or by Crook [Lighthouse Library #1] by Eva Gates

Booty Bones [r] [Sarah Booth Delaney #14] by Carolyn Haines

Black Noise [Studio #2] by Pekka Hiltunen [1st US edition]


The Evil Deeds We Do [NS] by Robert S. Levinson

Satan’s Lullaby [s] [Medieval #11] by Priscilla Royal

Bravo [Jad Bell #2] by Greg Rucka

The One That Got Away [NS] by Simon Wood

March 2015

A Dark and Twisted Tide [r] [Lacey Flint #4] by Sharon Bolton

Mrs. Jeffries Serves at Six [omnibus: Mrs. Jeffries Pinches the Post, Mrs. Jeffries Pleads Her Case, Mrs. Jeffries Sweeps the Chimney] by Emily Brightwell

How To Catch a Cat [Cats and Curios #6] by Rebecca M. Hale

Behind Closed Doors [Louisa Smith #2] by Elizabeth Haynes

Spring Remains [Malin Fors #4] by Mons Kallentoft [1st US edition] [APA Savage Spring]


Marked Fur Murder [Whiskey, Tango & Foxtrot #] by Dixie Lyle

Kittens Can Kill [s] [Pru Marlowe #5] by Clea Simon

April 2015

A Sticky Situation [Sugar Grove #3] by Jessie Crockett

Missing [NS] by Sam Hawken


The Lewis Man [r] [Lewis #2] by Peter May

May 2015

The Good Life [NS] by Martina Cole [1st US edition]

Hunted [Heck Heckenberg #4] by Paul Finch