Selected Paperback Releases

Codes: [r] reprint from hardcover or earlier paperback, [SS] short stories,
[s] simultaneous hardcover/paperback release, [NS] non-series

September 2019

The Other End of the Line [Salva Montalbano #24] by Andrea Camilleri

The Dead Beat Scrolls [August Riordan #7] by Mark Coggins

Valley of Shadows [Gus Parker & Alex Mills #3] by Steven Cooper

The Devil Close Behind [Jeri Howard #13] by Janet Dawson

A Talent for Killing [Revised version of Deadman’s Game (1976) plus an unpublished sequel] by Ralph Dennis

Gallows Court [Jacob Flint #1] by Martin Edwards [1st US edition]

Fiddling with Fate [Chloe Ellefson #10] by Kathleen Ernst


The Queen’s Gambit [Margaret Harkness & Arthur Conan Doyle #2] by Bradley Harper

The Murder of Harriet Monckton [NS] by Elizabeth Haynes [1st US edition]

Iced in Paradise [s] [Leilana Santiago #1] by Naomi Hirahara

The Quaker [NS] by Liam McIlvanney [1st US edition]

Deep Waters: Mysteries on the Waves [SS] edited by Martin Edwards

October 2019

Dread of Winter [NS] by Susan Alice Bickford

In Rhino We Trust [Jenny Willson #3] by Dave Butler

The Courier [NS] by Kjell Ola Dahl

No Way to Die [s] [Cal Claxton #7] by Warren C. Easley

The Devil’s Own Game [Somebody's Bound to Wind Up Dead #3] by Annie Hogsett

Penny for Your Secrets [Verity Kent #3] by Anna Lee Huber

A Deathly Silence [Helen Lavery #3] by Jane Isaac

A Merry Murder [Pennyfoot Hotel #22] by Kate Kingsbury

Skin in the Game [Cain & Harper #1] by D.P. Lyle


A Noël Killing [Provençal #8] by M.L. Longworth

Boxing the Octopus [s] [Cape Weathers #4] by Tim Maleeny

Pieces of Her [r] [NS] by Karin Slaughter

Edgar Allan Poe and the Empire of the Dead [Poe & Dupin #3] by Karen Lee Street

The Art of Theft [Lady Sherlock #4] by Sherry Thomas

Little Siberia [NS] by Antti Tuomainen

November 2019

Watcher in the Woods [r] [Casey Duncan #4] by Kelley Armstrong

Nothing More Dangerous [s] [NS] by Allen Eskens

Under Occupation [NS] by Alan Furst

Death Has Deep Roots [Inspector Hazelrigg #5, 1951 reissue] by Michael Gilbert

A Bottle of Rum [Spider John #3] by Steve Goble

Curtain Call [r] [Enora Andresson #1] by Graham Hurley

Paw of the Jungle [Paw Enforcement #9] by Diane Kelly


Kopp Sisters on the March [r] [Kopp Sisters #5] by Amy Stewart

Night Watch [r] [Michael Cassidy #3] by David C. Taylor

Thread and Buried [Mainely Needlepoint #9] by Lea Wait

December 2019

A Trace of Deceit [NS] by Karen Odden

Vendetta in Death [r] [Eve Dallas #47] by J.D. Robb

January 2020

The Killer in the Choir [r] [Fethering #19] by Simon Brett

Lost Hills [s] [Eve Ronin #1] by Lee Goldberg

Purgatory Bay [Bleak Harbor #2] by Bryan Gruley


Near Prospect Park [Mary Handley #4] by Lawrence H. Levy

February 2020

Outfox [r] [NS] by Sandra Brown

The Last Passenger [Charles Lenox prequel #3] by Charles Finch

Smokescreen [r] [NS] by Iris Johansen


The Lucky One [NS] by Lori Rader-Day

The Possession [r] [Anomaly Files #2] by Michael Rutger

March 2020

The Double Mother [NS] by Michel Bussi

The Sea of Lost Girls [s] [NS] by Carol Goodman

Less Than a Moment [s] [Posadas County #24] by Steven F. Havill


April 2020

May 2020

June 2020

Darkness for Light [Caleb Zelic #3] by Emma Viskic [1st US edition]

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