Wade Miller
Robert Wade [1920-2012] and Bill Miller [1920-1961]
Max Thursday, an ex-cop private investigator, and Austin Clapp, a police lieutenant, in San Diego, California:

Deadly Weapon1 (1946)

Guilty Bystander (1947)

Fatal Step (1948)

Uneasy Street (1948)

Calamity Fair (1950)

Murder Charge (1950)

Shoot To Kill (1951)


Pop Goes the Queen2 (1947)

Murder—Queen High3 (1949)

Devil on Two Sticks (1949)
APA: Killer’s Choice (1950)

Devil May Care (1950)

Stolen Woman (1950)

The Killer (1951)

The Tiger’s Wife (1951)

The Big Guy (1953)

Branded Woman (1953)

South of the Sun (1953)

Mad Baxter (1955)

Kiss Her Goodbye (1956)

Kitten with a Whip (1959)

Sinner Take All (1960)

Nightmare Cruise (1961)
APA: The Sargasso People (1961)

The Girl from Midnight (1962)

Written as Will Daemer
The Case of the Lonely Lovers (1951)
APA: Murder Bait (1956)
Written as Dale Wilmer

Memo for Murder (1951)

Dead Fall (1954)

Jungle Heat (1954)

Written as Whit Masterson

All Through the Night (1955)
APA: APA: A Cry in the Night (1956)

Dead, She Was Beautiful (1955)

Badge of Evil (1956)
APA: Touch of Evil (1958)

A Shadow in the Wild (1957)

The Dark Fantastic (1959)

A Hammer in His Hand (1960)

Evil Come, Evil Go (1961)

The Man on a Nylon String (1963)

711—Officer Needs Help (1965)
APA: Killer with a Badge (1966)
APA: Warning Shot (1967)

Play Like You’re Dead (1967)

The Last One Kills (1969)

The Death of Me Yet (1970)

The Gravy Train (1971)
APA: The Great Train Hijack (1976)

Why She Cries, I Do Not Know (1972)

The Undertaker Wind (1973)

The Man with Two Clocks (1974)

Hunter of the Blood (1977)

The Slow Gallows (1979)

Written by Robert Wade

The Stroke of Seven (1965)

Knave of Eagles (1969)