William Marshall
Harry Feiffer, chief inspector of Yellowthread Street station, in Hong Kong, China:

Yellowthread Street (1975)

The Hatchet Man (1976)

Gelignite (1976)

Thin Air (1977)

Skulduggery (1979)

Sci Fi (1981)

Perfect End (1981)

War Machine (1982)

The Far Away Man (1984)

Road Show (1985)

Head First (1986)

Frogmouth (1987)

Out of Nowhere (1988)

Inches (1994)

Nightmare Syndrome (1997)

To the End (1998)

Felix Elizalde, a detective lieutenant in the Weston District Bureau, in the Philippines:

Manila Bay (1986)

Whisper (1988)

Tillman and Muldoon, policemen in 1880s New York City:

The New York Detective (1988)

Faces in the Crowd (1991)


The Fire Circle (1969)