Adrian Magson
Riley Gavin, a freelance journalist, and Frank Palmer, an ex-military policeman and private investigator, in London, England:

No Peace for the Wicked (2004)

No Help for the Dying (2005)

No Sleep for the Dead (2006)

No Tears for the Lost (2007)

No Kiss for the Devil (2008)

Harry Tate, an officer in MI5 sent to the Balkans after a botched operation:

Red Station (2010)

Tracers (2011)

Deception (2012)

Retribution (2012)

Execution (2013)

Terminal Black (2020)

Lucas Rocco, a police inspector in the 1960s, formerly in Paris, now in Poissons-les-Marais, in rural northern France:

Death on the Marais (2010)

Death on the Rive Nord (2011)

Death on the Pont Noir (2012)

Death at the Clos du Lac (2013)

Marc Portman, a deep cover intelligence specialist:

The Watchman (2014)

Close Quarters (2015)

Hard Cover (2016)

Dark Asset (2017)

A Hostile State (2021)

Ruth Gonzales, a former British police offier, and Andy Vaslik, formerly with the NYPD and Homeland Security, operatives with the Cruxys Solutions special security firm:

The Locker (2016)


The Lost Patrol (2010) [ebook]

Smart Moves (2013) [ebook]

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