Maan Meyers
Annette Meyers [1934-] & Martin Meyers [1934-2014]

The Tonneman Family, from New Amsterdam in 1664, to New York City in 1895:

The Dutchman (1992)

The Kingsbridge Plot (1993)

The High Constable (1994)

The Dutchman’s Dilemma (1995)

The House on Mulberry Street (1996)

The Lucifer Contract (1998)

The Organ Grinder (2008)

Written by Annette Meyers
Xenia Smith and Leslie Wetzon, Wall Street headhunters:

The Big Killing (1989)

Tender Death (1990)

The Deadliest Option (1991)

Blood on the Street (1992)

Murder: The Musical (1993)

These Bones Were Made for Dancin’ (1995)

The Groaning Board (1997)

Hedging (2005)

Olivia Brown, a bohemian poet and women’s rights advocate in 1920s Greenwich Village, New York:

Free Love (1999)

Murder Me Now (2001)


Repentances (2004)

Written by Martin Meyers
Patrick Hardy, a private eye in New York City:

Kiss and Kill (1975)

Spy and Die (1976)

Red Is for Murder (1976)

Hung Up to Die (1976)

Reunion for Death (1976)

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