Sara Woods
Sara Bowen-Judd
Antony Maitland, a barrister in England:

Bloody Instructions (1962)

Malice Domestic (1962)

The Third Encounter (1963)
APA: The Taste of Fears (1963)

Error of the Moon (1963)

This Little Measure (1964)

Trusted Like the Fox (1964)

The Windy Side of the Law (1965)

Though I Know She Lies (1965)

Let’s Choose Executors (1966)

Enter Certain Murderers (1966)

And Shame the Devil (1967)

The Case Is Altered (1967)

Knives Have Edges (1968)

Past Praying For (1968)

Tarry and Be Hanged (1969)

An Improbable Fiction (1970)

Serpent's Tooth (1971)

The Knavish Crows (1971)

They Love Not Poison (1972)

Enter the Corpse (1973)

Yet She Must Die (1973)

Done to Death (1974)

A Show of Violence (1975)

My Life Is Done (1976)

The Law’s Delay (1977)

A Thief or Two (1977)

Exit Murderer (1978)

This Fatal Writ (1979)

Proceed to Judgement (1979)

Weep for Her (1980)

They Stay for Death (1980)

Cry Guilty (1981)

Dearest Enemy (1981)

Most Grievous Murder (1982)

Enter a Gentlewoman (1982)

Villains by Necessity (1982)

The Lie Direct (1983)

Call Back Yesterday (1983)

Where Should He Die? (1983)

The Bloody Book of Law (1984)

Murder’s Out of Tune (1984)

Defy the Devil (1984)

Away with Them to Prison (1985)

Put out the Light (1985)

An Obscure Grave (1985)

Most Deadly Hate (1986)

Nor Live So Long (1986)

Naked Villainy (1987)

Written as Anne Burton
Richard Trenton, a banker in England:

The Dear Departed (1980)

Where There’s a Will (1980)

Worse Than a Crime (1981)

Written as Mary Challis
Jeremy Locke, an attorney in England:

Burden of Proof (1980)

Crimes Past (1980)

The Ghost of an Idea (1981)

A Very Good Hater (1981)

Written as Margaret Leek
Stephen Marryat, an attorney in England:

We Must Have a Trial (1980)

The Healthy Grave (1980)

Voice of the Past (1981)