Alan Judd
Alan Petty
The saga of Charles Thoroughgood, a commando in Northern Ireland, then with MI-6 and later the Secret Intelligence Agency:

A Breed of Heroes (1981)

Legacy (2001)

Uncommon Enemy (2012)
Finalist 2012 Steel Dagger Award

Inside Enemy (2014)

Deep Blue (2016)

The Accidental Agent (2019)


Tango (1989)

Shakespeare’s Sword (2018)

Other fiction:

Short of Glory (1984)

The Noonday Devil (1987)

The Devil’s Own Work (1991)

The Kaiser’s Last Kiss (2003)

Dancing with Eva (2007)

Slipstream (2016)


The Quest for C: Mansfield Cumming and the Founding of the Secret Service (1999)


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