Lionel Black
Dudley Barker
Emma Greaves:

Chance to Die (1965)

The Bait (1966)

Two Ladies in Verona (1967)
APA: The Lady Is a Spy (1969)

Kate Theobald, a reporter in London, England:

Swinging Murder (1969)

Death Has Green Fingers (1971)

Death by Hoax (1974)

A Healthy Way To Die (1976)

The Penny Murders (1979)

The Eve of the Wedding (1980)

Superintendent Francis Foy:

Breakaway (1970)
APA: Flood (1971)

Ransom for a Nude (1972)

The Life and Death of Peter Wade (1973)


A Provincial Crime (1960)

Outbreak (1968)

Arafat Is Next! (1975)

The Foursome (1978)

The Rumanian Circle (1981)