Anne Rutherford
Julianne Ardian Lee
Suzanne Thornton, a former kept woman, organizing a troupe of actors at the Globe, in 1660s London, England, in the Restoration mysteries:

The Opening Night Murder (2012)

The Scottish Play Murder (2013)

The Twelfth Night Murder (2014)

Other fiction, written as J. Ardian Lee
The Mathesons time-travel Scottish fairie fantasy series:

Son of the Sword (2001)

Outlaw Sword (2002)

Sword of King James (2003)

Sword of the White Rose (2004)

Other fiction, written as Julian Lee
The Tenebrae time-travel historical apocalyptic romance series:

Knight Tenebrae (2006)

Knight’s Blood (2007)

Knight’s Lady (2008)

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