Elizabeth Lemarchand
Tom Pollard and Gregory Toye, Scotland Yard detectives, in London, England:

Death of an Old Girl (1967)

The Affacombe Affair (1968)

Alibi for a Corpse (1969)

Death on Doomsday (1971)

Cyanide with Compliments (1972)

Let or Hindrance (1973)
APA: No Vacation from Murder (1974)

Buried in the Past (1973)

Step in the Dark (1976)

Unhappy Returns (1977)

Suddenly While Gardening (1978)

Change for the Worse (1980)

Nothing To Do with the Case (1981)

Troubled Waters (1982)

The Wheel Turns (1983)

Light through Glass (1984)

Who Goes Home? (1986)

The Glade Manor Murder (1988)