Mark Richard Zubro
Tom Mason, a gay teacher, and his lover, Scott Carpenter, a baseball player, in Chicago, Illinois:

A Simple Suburban Murder (1989)

Why Isn't Becky Twitchell Dead? (1990)

The Only Good Priest (1991)

Principal Cause of Death (1992)

An Echo of Death (1994)

Rust on the Razor (1996)

Are You Nuts? (1998)

One Dead Drag Queen (2000)

Here Comes the Corpse (2002)

File Under Dead (2004)

Everyone’s Dead But Us (2006)

Schooled in Murder (2008)

Another Dead Republican (2012)

Paul Turner, a gay police detective in Chicago, Illinois:

Sorry Now? (1991)

Political Poison (1993)

Another Dead Teenager (1996)

The Truth Can Get You Killed (1997)

Drop Dead (1999)

Sex and (2001)

Dead Egotistical Morons (2003)

Nerds Who Kill (2006)

Hook, Line, and Homicide (2007)

Black and Blue and Pretty Dead, Too (2011)

Pawn of Satan (2013)

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