Kelley Roos
Audrey Kelley Roos [1912-1982] & William Roos [1911-1987]
Haila and Jeff Troy, a married detective team, she a former actress, he a photographer, in New York City:

Made Up To Kill (1940)
APA: Made Up for Murder (1941)

If the Shroud Fits (1941)
APA: Dangerous Blondes (1951)

The Frightened Stiff (1942)

Sailor, Take Warning! (1944)

There Was a Crooked Man (1945)

Ghost of a Chance (1947)

Murder in Any Language (1948)

Triple Threat (1949) [SS]
APA: Beauty Marks the Spot (1951) [in part]

One False Move (1966)


The Blonde Died Dancing (1956)
APA: She Died Dancing (1957)

Requiem for a Blonde (1958)
APA: Murder, Noon and Night (1959)

Scent of Mystery (1959)
[Smell-o-Vision movie novelization]

Grave Danger (1965)

Necessary Evil (1965)

Cry in the Night (1966)

Who Saw Maggie Brown? (1967)

To Save His Life (1968)

Suddenly One Night (1970)

What Did Hattie See? (1970)

Bad Trip (1971)

Murder on Martha’s Vineyard (1981)

Non-series co-authored as Audrey & William Roos:

Speaking of Murder (1957)

A Few Days in Madrid (1965)

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