Patricia Hall
Maureen O’Connor
Laura Ackroyd, a reporter, and Michael Thackeray, a police inspector, in Yorkshire, England, in the Yorkshire mysteries:

Death by Election (1993)

Dying Fall (1994)

In the Bleak Midwinter (1996)
APA: The Dead of Winter (1997)

Perils of the Night (1997)

The Italian Girl (1998)

Dead on Arrival (1999)

Skeleton at the Feast (2000)

Deep Freeze (2001)

Death in Dark Waters (2002)

Dead Reckoning (2003)

False Witness (2004)

Sins of the Fathers (2005)

Death in a Far Country (2007)

By Death Divided (2008)

Devil’s Game (2009)

Dust to Dust (2011) [ebook]

Kate O’Donnell, an aspiring photographer in 1960s London, England:

Dead Beat (2011)

Death Trap (2012)

Dressed to Kill (2013)

Blood Brothers (2014)

Deep Waters (2016)

Cover Up (2017)


The Poison Pool (1991)

The Coldness of Killers (1992)

The Masks of Darkness (2004)