Francis Durbridge
Paul Temple, a crime writer turned private investigator, in London, England:

Send for Paul Temple1 (1938)

Paul Temple and the Front Man2 (1939)

News of Paul Temple2 (1940)

Paul Temple Intervenes2 (1944)

Send for Paul Temple Again!2 (1948)

The Tyler Mystery3 (1957)

East of Algiers3 (1959)

Paul Temple and the Kelby Affair (1970)

Paul Temple and the Harkdale Robbery (1970)

The Geneva Mystery (1971)

The Curzon Case (1971)

Paul Temple and the Margo Mystery (1986)

Paul Temple and the Madison Case (1988)

Tim Frazer, a young engineer who gets involved in intrigue:

The World of Tim Frazer (1962)

Tim Frazer Again! (1964)

Tim Frazer Gets the Message (1978)


Back Room Girl (1950)

Beware of Johnny Washington (1951)

Design for Murder (1951)

The Other Man (1958)

A Time of Day (1959)

The Scarf (1960)
APA: The Case of the Twisted Scarf (1961)

Portrait of Alison (1962)

My Friend Charles (1963)

Another Woman's Shoes (1965)

The Desperate People (1966)

Dead to the World (1967)

My Wife Melissa (1967)

The Pit-Tail Murder (1969)

A Man Called Harry Brent (1970) [novelization of TV series]

Bat out of Hell (1972)

A Game of Murder (1975)

The Passenger (1977)

Breakaway (1981)

The Doll (1982)

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