Douglas Rutherford
James Douglas Rutherford McConnell
Paddy Regan, a British special agent, in Europe:

Comes the Blind Fury (1950)

Meet a Body (1951)

Telling of Murder (1952)
APA: Flight Into Peril (1952)

Tim Ryder, the world’s youngest Grand Prix winning race car driver:

The Gunshot Grand Prix (1972)

Killer on the Track (1973)

Rally to the Death (1974)


Grand Prix Murder (1955)

The Perilous Sky (1956)

The Long Echo (1957)
Finalist 1957 Crossed Red Herrings Award

A Shriek of Tyres (1958)
APA: On the Track of Death (1959)

Murder Is Incidental (1961)

The Creeping Flesh (1963)

The Black Leather Murders (1966)

Skin for Skin (1968)

The Gilt-Edged Cockpit (1969)

Clear the Fast Lane (1971)

Kick Start (1973)

Race Against the Sun (1975)

Mystery Tour (1975)

Return Load (1977)

Collision Course (1978)

Turbo (1980)

Porcupine Basin (1981)

Stop at Nothing (1983)

A Game of Sudden Death (1987)