Susan B. Kelly
(Before 2000, the initial “B” was added to British author Susan Kelly’s name
by US publisher to distinguish her from US author Susan Kelly.)

Alison Hope, a software designer, and Nick Trevellyan, a detective inspector, in Hop Valley, England:

Hope Against Hope (1990)

Time of Hope (1990)

Hope Will Answer (1993)

Kid’s Stuff (1994)

Death Is Sweet (1996)

Gregory Summers, a police superintendent in the Thames Valley, England:

The Lone Traveller (2000)

Killing the Fatted Calf (2001)

Little Girl Lost (2002)

In Cold Blood (2003)

Death of a Ghost (2004)

A Disguise for Death (2005)

Murder on the Dance Floor (2007)


The Seventh Victim (1994)

The Ghosts of Alibi (1998)

Quick Brown Fox (1999)

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