Paula Gosling
Jack Stryker, a homicide cop, and Kate Trevorne, an English professor, in Michigan:

Monkey Puzzle (1985)
1985 Gold Dagger Award

Backlash (1989)

Ricochet (2002)

Luke Abbott, a cop in England:

The Wychford Murders (1986)

Death Penalties (1991)

Matt Gabriel, a sheriff in Blackwater Bay, Michigan:

The Body in Backwater Bay (1992)
[includes Stryker and Trevorne]

A Few Dying Words (1993)

The Dead of Winter (1995)

Death and Shadows (1998)

Underneath Every Stone (2000)


A Running Duck (1978)
1978 New Blood Dagger Award
APA: Fair Game (1978) [expanded and revised]
APA: Cobra (1999) [movie tie-in]

The Zero Trap (1979)

Mind’s Eye1 (1980)
APA: The Harrowing (1981)

Loser’s Blues (1980)
APA: Solo Blues (1981)

The Woman in Red (1983)

Hoodwink (1988)

Tears of the Dragon (2004)

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