Bill Knox
Colin Thane and Phil Moss, Crime Squad officers in Glasgow, Scotland:

Deadline for a Dream (1957)
APA: In at the Kill (1961)

Death Department (1959)

Leave it to the Hangman (1960)

Little Drops of Blood (1962)

Sanctuary Isle (1962)
APA: The Grey Sentinels (1963)

The Man in the Bottle (1963)
APA: The Killing Game (1963)

The Taste of Proof (1965)

The Deep Fall (1966)
APA: The Ghost Car (1966)

Justice on the Rocks (1967)

The Tallyman (1969)

Children of the Mist (1970)
APA: Who Shot the Bull? (1979)

To Kill a Witch (1971)

Draw Batons! (1973)

Rally to Kill (1975)

Pilot Error (1977)

Live Bait (1978)

A Killing in Antiques (1981)

The Hanging Tree (1983)

The Crossfire Killings (1986)

The Interface Man(1989)

The Counterfeit Killers (1996)

Blood Proof (1999)

Death Bytes (1998)

The Lazarus Widow (1999)
[completed by Martin Edwards]

Webb Carrick, chief officer of the Fishery Protection Service in Scotland:

The Scavengers (1964)

Devilweed (1966)

Blacklight (1967)

The Klondyker (1968)
APA: A Figurehead (1968)

Blueback (1969)

Seafire (1970)

Stormtide (1972)

Whitewater (1974)

Hellspout (1976)

Witchrock (1977)

Bombship (1980)

Bloodtide (1982)

Wavecrest (1985)

Dead Man's Mooring (1987)

The Drowning Nets (1991)


The Cockatoo Crime (1958)

Death Calls the Shots (1961)

Die for Big Betsy (1961)

The Drum of Ungara (1963)
APA: Drum of Power (1964) [written as Robert MacLeod (UK)]

Written as Robert MacLeod
Talos Cord, a United Nations troubleshooter in New York City:

Cave of Bats (1964)

Lake of Fury (1966)
APA: The Iron Sanctuary (1968)

Isle of Dragons (1967)

Place of Mists (1969)

Path of Ghosts (1971)

Nest of Vultures (1973)

Written as Noah Webster (US) or Robert MacLeod (UK)
Jonathan Gaunt, external auditor the Queen in Edinburgh, Scotland:

A Property in Cyprus (1970)
APA: A Flickering Death (1971)

A Killing in Malta (1972)

A Burial in Portugal (1973)

A Witchdance in Bavaria (1975)

A Pay-Off in Switzerland (1977)

An Incident in Iceland (1979)

A Problem in Prague (1981)

A Legacy from Tenarife (1984)

The Money Mountain (1987)
APA: A Flight from Paris (1987)

The Spanish Maze Game (1990)

Written as Michael Kirk (US) or Robert MacLeod (UK)
Andrew Laird, international marine insurance claim investigator:

All Other Perils (1974)

Dragonship (1976)

Salvage Job (1978)

Cargo Risk (1980)

Mayday from Malaga (1983)

Witchline (1988)