L.C. Tyler
Ethelred Tressider, a mystery author, and his chocoholic literary agent, Elsie Thirkettle, in West Sussex, England:

The Herring Seller’s Apprentice (2007) [review]
Finalist 2010 Barry Award for Best Paperback
Finalist 2010 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

Ten Little Herrings (2009)
Finalist 2011 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

The Herring in the Library (2010)

Herring on the Nile (2012)

Crooked Herring (2014)

Cat Among the Herrings (2016)

Herring in the Smoke (2017)

The Maltese Herring (2019)

Farewell My Herring (2021)

John Grey, a young lawyer during Cromwell's Republic in 1650s England:

A Cruel Necessity (2014)

A Masterpiece of Corruption (2016)

The Plague Road (2016)

Fire (2017)
Finalist 2018 Historical Dagger Award

The Bleak Midwinter (2018)

Death of a Shipbuilder (2020)

Too Much of Water (UK due September 2, 2021)


A Very Persistent Illusion (2009)


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