Jo Bannister
Dr. Clio Rees, a physician and mystery writer, and Harry Marsh, a chief inspector, in England:

Striving with Gods (1984)
APA: An Uncertain Death (1997)

Gilgamesh (1989)

The Going Down of the Sun (1990)

The Fifth Cataract (2005)

Mickey Flynn, an American photojournalist:

Shards (1990)
APA: Critical Angle (2000)

Death and Other Lovers (1991)

Frank Shapiro, Cal Donovan, and Liz Graham, cops in Castlemere, England:

A Bleeding of Innocents (1993)

Sins of the Heart (1994)
APA: Charisma (1994)

Burning Desires (1995)
APA: A Taste for Burning (1995)

No Birds Sing (1996)

Broken Lines (1999)

The Hireling’s Tale (1999)

Changelings (2000)

Primrose Holland, an ex-pathologist turned advice columnist, in Skipley, England:

The Primrose Convention (1998)

The Primrose Switchback (2000)

Brodie Farrell, running a search service in Dimmock, England:

Echoes of Lies (2001)

True Witness (2002)

Reflections (2003)

The Depths of Solitude (2004)

Breaking Faith (2005)
Finalist 2006 Mary Higgins Clark Award

Requiem for a Dealer (2006)

Flawed (2007)

Closer Still (2008)

Liars All (2009)

Gabriel Ash, a grief-stricken recovering mental patient, and Hazel Best, a young police constable, in Norbold, England:

Deadly Virtues (2013) [review]

Perfect Sins (2014)

Desperate Measures (2015)

Other Countries (2017)

Kindred Spirits (2018)

Silent Footsteps (2019)

Dangerous Pursuits (2020)


Mosaic (1986)

The Mason Codex (1988)
APA: Unlawful Entry (1998)

The Lazarus Hotel (1997)

The Tinderbox (2006)

Fathers and Sins (2008)

Death in High Places (2011)

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